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Production Coordinator

  • Description

    We are looking for an amazing and dynamic Coordinator or highly experienced Production Secretary, to come and work with us on a BBC 2 Primetime show. You will be used to working with a large team and crew, working out complicated logistics with ease, writing Call Sheets and taking care of Petty Cash.

    Ideally you would be based in Bristol / the South West but not essential. Options for flexible working from home.

  • Company Name

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  • Network / Platform

    BBC2 Primetime

  • Duration

    3 months

  • Location

    London / Bristol / South West Will accept applications from candidates who need to relocate

  • Job Sharers Accepted

    The recruiter will accept applications from job sharers. Please refer to job sharer blogs or contact us if you require further information.

  • Salary

    depending on experience

  • Posted on

    17th Jun 2021

  • Apply by

    31st Jul 2021

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