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The Talent Manager was born out of a desire to simplify the way our industry works, and to professionalise the way TV companies recruit.

We believe freelancers should never have to pay to apply for jobs and we are proud to have established the first ‘free for freelancer’ platform.

All the major Indies, and Broadcasters use The Talent Manager to search; a growing number of these companies, our Pro Members, also host their own databases on our platform. They use private areas to keep notes of their own freelancers, and others they have cherry picked from across the site.

All our Pro companies share our commitment to professionalising the process of recruiting. They know that knowledge is the key to finding good people. They know that a considered recruitment strategy beats last minute Facebook posts hands down.

We know it's a tough sector for all involved. Indies operate in a fiercely competitive market, often with budget constraints & short commissioning schedules. Freelancers constantly bear the brunt. Knee-jerk recruiting perpetuates the problem, and out mission is to help persuade more companies to adopt a long term approach.


Whilst The Talent Manager has become known for specialising in more Senior job roles, we welcome all people with industry experience. The only pre-requisite being: a responsible approach. Just as we don't carry jobs from companies not paying the minimum wage, we won't tolerate blanket job applications from applicants who have ignored the specifications.

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