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All Companies Can:

Post Jobs & Contact freelancers through the site.

Pro Member Companies Can:

Download resumes and see contact details at a glance

Store details of freelancers you rate in one place. Automatically updated when they change their availability.

Organise people into lists, and stay on top of where everyone is working, and when they'll be free.

Add notes and share with selected key colleagues.

Post jobs to private networks or lists. Inviting only the most relevant candidates to apply.

Manage applicants via the site with different team members adding input.

Get status updates about people in your network.

Use the TM Hub to showcase your company's brilliant work to our 100k strong community of commissioners, indie executives & freelancers.

And use this extra insight to persuade the best people to come, and work for you.

* Basic companies free usage is extensive but not unlimited. Please contact us if your search has maximised.

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  • The Talent Manager is AMAZING! I have been tearing my hair out trying to find an SP and having absolutely no luck. One night of an ad in your site and I've had 9 replies! Terrific!

    pro company

    STV Studios Wendy Rattray, Executive Producer

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