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TM put me right in touch with a role on a great production. I was in touch with the PM in minutes and booked within an hour. I love the interface, it's really usable for employers and I think it looks great too.

TM is invaluable to me and a top resource to find active roles in the industry. Sometimes I check it more than the weather!

It is not easy to move onto TV from related media disciplines; now I know it is not impossible very much thanks to TM. Invaluable resource.

It’s an incredible resource for us and helps us to operate more effectively as a talent team. We use The Talent Manager on a daily basis to find fresh talent that Raw may not have come across before.

Talent Manager has become a lifeline! Because it has attracted so many freelancers, it means that you're almost guaranteed to find an up to date CV and availability of someone you want to put forward for a job - as well as discovering new people to add to the mix when staffing. It's so user-friendly that it's become an asset to the Production Talent Departments at both RDF and IWC.

The Talent Manager provides companies with an invaluable service. It’s now the ‘go to’ place for freelancers to post their details and I couldn't do my job without it.

TM has been such a valuable resource when I have been looking for work. Being aware of the roles available for so many different companies helps take away a lot of the anxiety when it comes to looking for the next job.

TM has been an invaluable resource for making contacts and securing gigs. You can gain exposure to a multitude of employers and the platform provides an easy way to 'get your foot in the door'. Love it.

TM is such a great platform for freelancers to find their next role - it was especially helpful during this last year where things were super tough and jobs were so scarce. Keep up the good work!

Talent Manager is a great resource. I love the statistics and being able to keep up to date on who has shown interest in you.

There are a lot of online databases for film and TV work, but none of them really connect you with productions or produce results like Talent Manager. I've gotten on great projects through the site and always keep an eye on new ones popping up - would definitely recommend!

As always, Talent Manager played a key role in helping me find my new job as Production Coordinator. Not only because it is a platform where most TV job offers are posted but also because the job application process is usually very easy and smooth.

Talent Manager has given me access to so many Jobs I necessarily wouldn't of heard about! It's also so easy to apply for them too!

It's fairly safe to say that around 70% of my TV freelance contracts come through Talent Manager, including my first jobs of 2021. It's an invaluable resource and a great barometer into what's actually happening in the industry, as we attempt to recover from an incredibly challenging time.

Fantastic gig via The Talent Manager. Blacklist Creative is a fantastic company to work for and Talent Manager has been instrumental in putting me in touch with them.

During these times of COVID-19, it's been a lifesaver to have Talent Manager to find work as demand is slowly starting to come up again.

The Talent Manager has been the best hiring and job search platform I have ever used. Well designed, brilliant UX and I love the clarity going Pro gave me on my stats.

Having been a member of The Talent Manager for a few years now, its been one of my main sources to finding work. After a scary few months during the recent pandemic, it was a job posting on here that got me back into employment!

The Talent Manager exposed me to roles that I hadn't seen advertised anywhere else, and has given me the opportunity to secure my first researcher position which I will begin shortly. TM is an amazing resource for both employees and employers, and I hope to gain further work through it in the future.

The Talent Manager has been an invaluable resource. Upgrading to Pro substantially improved the amount of individuals and companies viewing my profile. Soon after upgrading, a great company contacted me via TM inviting me to attend an interview. The following week I was offered the longest contract I've had in TV so far.

Pro has paid for itself several times over both with jobs I have directly applied for and tracked and as a tool that keeps me better networked and visible

Since going Pro on The Talent Manager I immediately saw my profile views and CV downloads increase and I quickly landed an exciting role as a camera operator.

Got my first gig as Shooting AP through Talent Manager application - delighted!

Edit Producer - BBC Studios. I was after a filler job for the summer, and the dates fell perfectly. Thanks to TheTalentManager, it was all sorted very quickly. Delighted.

Talent manager is a great tool to build the perfect profile for your employers to see, It has aided me to get a perfect job to me, working in the stop motion industry.

The Talent Manager is my 'go to' source for finding out the latest opportunities - an incredibly useful site for securing new work and gaining new contacts.

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