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Liz Smith

Senior Producer / Producer

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About Me

I am a Senior Producer/Producer with experience across editorial, performance, studio, celeb, casting, VTs and the edit. I have worked in a variety of genres, including entertainment, studio/shiny floor, gameshows, chat shows, magazine shows, dating and live TV.

Liz Smith was my colleague for three years at Guinness World Records. I found her to be intelligent, hard working, confident, charismatic, good with people and always willing to go the extra mile in any situation. I can recommend her with the utmost confidence to any prospective employer. She is also very funny and very good on camera.

Christopher Skala, MD BrentalaTV

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Other Details
  • Media I Work In:

    Broadcast Television

  • Locations I can work in:





  • Language:

    Spanish (Conversational)

  • Skills/Permits:


    Music Clearance

    Script Writing

    I Visa USA

    Edit Producing

  • Technical Skills:

    Studio Experience

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