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A. D Cooper

Director / Writer


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Other Details
  • Agent:

    Meg Davis at Ki Agency

  • Media I Work In:


    Corporate Communications

    Live Events


    Short Film

    Feature Film

    Online Content



    Music Promos

  • Locations I can work in:


  • Language:

    English (Fluent)

    French (Conversational)

  • Skills/Permits:

    Commentary Writing

    PADI Diving Licence

    Driving Licence

    Script Writing


  • Technical Skills:


  • Awards:

    Awards for long and short script writing, including the Colorado Film Festival 2017 for "Earth Bound".

    Many nominations for film making.

    Best Editing for "Put Away" (2021) plus Best Short Foreign Language Film, Best Actress, Best Social Awareness Film, Best Long Form Monologue. (all 2021)

    Award for Best Direction and Best Photography (2015) and Jury's Choice Best Short (2016) for short film "Ace"

    Best Documentary "Writing the Peace" (2017)
    Best Documentary Short "Writing the Peace" (2018)

    Award of Merit "The Penny Dropped", Winner: Best Sound Design (2017)m Best Short Short (2018), Best Paranormal Horror, (2018)

    Co-winner Directors UK Alexa Challenge 2017 "Home to the Hangers"
    A certain Regard (cinematography), Best British Short Film, and Special Award from the Imperial War Museum, Best Combined Use of Sound & Music (2018-2020). Other nominations for Cinematography and Costume Design.

    Co-Winner: Visible Poetry Project "Leisure" (2018)

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