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  • I've found quite a few jobs through The Talent Manager. The best feature of the Pro Membership is that you can see when employers have read your application and downloaded your CV. It makes applying worthwhile knowing it's been acknowledged and reviewed.

    Lizzie Horton
    Lizzie Horton Producer
  • The Talent Manager has been an invaluable resource. Upgrading to Pro substantially improved the amount of individuals and companies viewing my profile. Soon after upgrading, a great company contacted me via TM inviting me to attend an interview. The following week I was offered the longest contract I've had in TV so far.

    Natalie Methu
    Natalie Methu Production Secretary
  • I got a job via the Talent Manager which has in turn led to another contract so I can't speak highly enough of the website. It's extremely user friendly, it allows me to network with other colleagues and see their latest projects as well as the jobs board which is extremely current and updated regularly. I even recommended it to someone today asking me for advice on how to progress in the industry ... I'll certainly continue to recommend the Talent Manager to anyone looking to network within the industry. Thanks again!

    David Neale
    David Neale Assistant Editor
  • Whenever I'm looking for the next job, The Talent manager is always my first port of call. Easy to use, access to plenty of jobs and most recently I was offered a job at BBC Earth after applying through the website. Great stuff!

    Rob Watts
    Rob Watts Researcher
  • TM is great, any time my contracts have been up TM is the first place I visit and often the only place. Thanks to them, I'm now on the right career path and in a job I love.

    Ashley Freitas
    Ashley Freitas Production Co-ordinator
  • Pro has paid for itself several times over both with jobs I have directly applied for and tracked and as a tool that keeps me better networked and visible

    Simon D Gee


    Simon D Gee Camera Operator
  • THANKS Talent Manager! I Have found another great Researcher role through your site, and now on the lookout for the next one. This site makes life as a freelancer so much easier, and connects you to what is going on across the TV world. I love being able to constantly keep up to date with who is crewing up, and think that Talent Manager is the best tool for finding jobs, outside of having contacts. It certainly takes away the 'fear' that looms towards the end of each contract & I couldn't be more grateful. I also love being nosy & being able to see who has viewed my profile when searching for jobs. ;)

    Kelly Ruane
    Kelly Ruane Casting Researcher
  • The Talent Manager provides companies with an invaluable service. It’s now the ‘go to’ place for freelancers to post their details and I couldn't do my job without it.


    Nutopia Natalie Spanier, Head of Talent
  • Talent Manager has been a very fruitful tool in helping me launch my career in Television. I have found it easy to use and has kept me in touch with all the latest jobs. I was able to secure a full time job in TV with the help of this site

    Morris Abbott
    Morris Abbott Runner
  • I always use the Talent Manager above all other sites to look for work as I think it's a really great resource, especially for production management. Towards the end of a contract I upgrade to Pro and straight away the amount of calls/emails I get increases ten fold and I always get lots of interviews this way - as well as from actual jobs I apply for. Have just booked another job which has sorted me out for the next six months!

    Chris Hill
    Chris Hill Production Coordinator
  • Since going Pro on The Talent Manager I immediately saw my profile views and CV downloads increase and I quickly landed an exciting role as a camera operator.

    Sam Green
    Sam Green Camera Operator
  • TM found me 9 months of continued employment last year for a fab TV company which was fantastic! Love the site - so easy to navigate & great to get instant job alerts... You rock TM!

    Zanna Hall


    Zanna Hall Producer
  • Talent Manager has become a lifeline! Because it has attracted so many freelancers, it means that you're almost guaranteed to find an up to date CV and availability of someone you want to put forward for a job - as well as discovering new people to add to the mix when staffing. It's so user-friendly that it's become an asset to the Production Talent Departments at both RDF and IWC.


    RDF Television Julia Waring, Head of Talent, Zodiak Media
  • So impressed by the standard of all the researchers I've interviewed. Thanks Talent Manger. Wish I could give them all a job.

    Melanie Jappy
    Melanie Jappy Series Producer
  • It’s an incredible resource for us and helps us to operate more effectively as a talent team. We use The Talent Manager on a daily basis to find fresh talent that Raw may not have come across before.


    Raw Television Natalie Moody, Talent Manager
  • I've found Talent Manager an invaluable resource for building contacts, and finding new opportunities. It's a great way to meet to new companies who otherwise wouldn't come across you, and find out about jobs which perfectly match your skills and experience.

    Ben Laidlow


    Ben Laidlow Producer/Director
  • It's easy to take something which works well for granted, so it's a pleasure to recognise that The Talent Manager has linked me up with a number of great TV jobs, whilst creating a really friendly online community of freelancers.

    Libby Overton
    Libby Overton DV Director
  • The Talent Manager gave me free access to a surprising amount of job opportunities and became my go-to website for job searching. Upgrading to Pro level enabled me to see which companies had viewed my CV, which gave me peace of mind.

    Dan Cross


    Dan Cross Logger
  • The aesthetic is clean and easily comprehensible; the text is simple and uncomplicated; major employers seems to revert to your site first. I really like the Profile View function making it straight forward to see who's been looking at my profile (therefore market research is very easy) and I'm especially fond of the job application process - it's very easy and makes you feel confident you have given a good account of yourself.Through your site, I have recently won a job through a German production company, thus proving your far reach into the international media recruitment market.

    Paul Fletcher


    Paul Fletcher Producer
  • The Talent Manager is AMAZING! I have been tearing my hair out trying to find an SP and having absolutely no luck. One night of an ad in your site and I've had 9 replies! Terrific!


    STV PRODUCTIONS Wendy Rattray, Executive Producer
  • We love The Talent Manager - it is an extremely useful resource for us and is a great way to find editorial talent at all levels. The Talent Manager is user friendly and gives us a real breadth of available talent. It is our prime talent seeking tool.


    Shiver Michelle Matherson, Talent Exec
  • One Wednesday afternoon, as I sat at my desk, an email popped up from total strangers, who'd found my profile on the Talent Manager. They said they were making a big drama-doc, were looking for an Italian speaking producer, had seen my profile on TM, and thought I'd be perfect for the job. Over the next four days I spoke on the phone to the director, exec producer and financiers, and by Monday night I'd been offered the job. I shall be, as it turns out, co writing, producing, second unit directing and edit producing the film. The people are truly lovely, the project is interesting, the work is fun and the money is good.

    Sheila Hayman


    Sheila Hayman Producer/Director & Series Producer
  • As a television freelancer it is great to have a site designed for people like myself that make looking for and finding work so easy. I have been lucky enough to have been successful in job applications made through the talent manager. In addition one of the great attributes of The Talent Manager is allowing companies to find you. When out of work it is refreshing to see the volume of jobs that appear on The Talent Manager from a wide range of production companies at all levels.

    Rory Kaufhold


    Rory Kaufhold Assistant Producer
  • Talent manager is an amazing platform to promote your experience and apply for work. I found it easy to use, relevant, and it didn't feel like my applications were going unnoticed.

    Anoop Singh Kung
    Anoop Singh Kung Production Secretary
  • I've found Talent Manager to be an invaluable resource in finding work. Having a profile on here has led to me being employed through both searched out by companies and the conventional application process, and has allowed me to work on high-profile series such as 'Dispatches' and for programming going out on widely watched channels such as 'Discovery Channel'. The easy to view nature of the website, I believe allows me to show myself in the best light possible and connect with people I might not be able to outside the realms of Talent Manager.

    Dave Horner


    Dave Horner Researcher
  • TM is by far and away the best job site for us freelancers. Finding a way to stand out from the crowd is hard but TM allows you to update and personalise your profile easily and effectively. Allowing access to see who has been looking at you means you can contact them directly if you believe there is a job opportunity. TM has managed to amass such a broad community within its network, the likelihood of finding a job advertised which is relevant for you is extremely high.

    Alice Almond
    Alice Almond Producer/Director
  • TM is a great shop window. I especially like it because you're in the company of good people - the filters mean you only get to see what's relevant to you, and in contrast to some other sites, there's no dross. I was with an inferior rival for a while and applied for maybe ten jobs in three years - and never had so much as a rejection email. With TM I've had several great jobs that appeared at short notice and was at an interview within hours. In a trade that's increasingly fragmented, TM brings a welcome sense of community - more than any broadcaster manages for freelancers.

    Ian Denyer


    Ian Denyer Producer/Director
  • The Talent Manager is the place to be if you're working in television. It's a fantastic site - easy to navigate with lots of room to showcase your skills, experience and credits and it is great value for money compared to other subscription-only jobs sites. Not only is it an excellent resource for the latest jobs listings, it's a useful place to connect with other freelances and indies, so you can stay up to date with the work of previous employers and colleagues.

    Eve Lauren Mundy
    Eve Lauren Mundy Researcher
  • Talent Manager works on a number of levels for me. I can apply for roles that I would not know existed if it wasn't for TM. It's easy to apply for jobs and I've landed three positions over the last couple of years directly through the website. On two occasions it was through me applying for advertised roles but I was also approached by a series producer who clicked on my profile and saw I had the experience they needed. It's my first port of call if I am nearing the end of a contract.

    Keith McCormick
    Keith McCormick Producer/Director
  • I found a job recently through TalentManager - having looked through lots of positions and sent off a few applications, a company I really liked got back to me and I worked on an exciting feature documentrary for a few months which I loved. I think Talent Manager works really intuitively and having used lots of these sites over the years this one is the one that keeps me coming back - a mixture of a logical, easy to use interface and a sense of personability. I like the way it allows you to build an overall picture of yourself and skills and expands rather than reduces. It's also a great place to keep track of the companies in the indie sector and get to grips with who's out there and who you might want to target.

    Saskia Evans
    Saskia Evans Researcher/ AP
  • I applied for my in-house role in the development team at Channel 5 after seeing their advert on The Talent Manager. I find the site to be user-friendly and the instructions for how to apply for jobs to clear and easy to follow. I'd definitely recommend Talent Manager to my friends and colleagues.

    Claire O'Connor


    Claire O'Connor Researcher
  • The Talent Manager has been absolutely indispensable in my recent job search and has led to me successfully landing a role that I'm really excited about! I've been so impressed with the wide range of jobs available- across every genre, different channels, varying contract durations and availability periods. The site also allows companies to contact freelancers directly, greatly increasing your chance of being actively approached for a role and furthermore, one that's really right for you! It feels like you are part of a community, connected to the very best the TV industry has to offer and as such, the opportunities really are endless. Upgrading to the Pro service during my key job search period really gave me confidence and added motivation by being able to see that my applications were being viewed and even that companies were viewing my profile proactively. I honestly can't recommend The Talent Manager enough and I'll definitely be relying on the site to find my next dream TV job.

    Liz Smith
    Liz Smith Researcher

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