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Lovely messages from you - our supportive community

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Sundog founder teams with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

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Grierson Nominees 2020: Making of... Tigers: Hunting the Traffickers by Laura Warner

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7 Dec 2020 | by Robin Parker

Bectu polls freelancers over working conditions

7 Oct 2020 | by Robin Parker

Key role shortages and Covid compliance shine light on value of checking rates

22 Sep 2020 | by Robin Parker

Film and TV Charity unveils £2m Covid-19 support fund

17 Sep 2020 | by Robin Parker

Government to cover up to 20% of costs of Covid-delayed productions

News | 13 Jul 2020 | by Sarah Lee

Let's not give up - action to be taken today - updated 13th July

News | 16 Jun 2020 | by Matt Born

TM proposed solutions to Government on #forgottenfreelancers

26 May 2020 | by DCMS

Response to Self-Employment Income Support Concerns

21 May 2020

TV Production Guidance: Managing the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in production making

1 May 2020 | by Tim Whiting

Covid-19 – Where Are We Now And When Will Government Start To Get Us Back To Work?

23 Apr 2020 | by The Talent Manager

Film & TV Charity Launch New Fundraising Drive - Help them publicise the need

20 Apr 2020 | by Matt Born

TM letter calling for urgent reform to JRS

News | 15 Apr 2020 | by Matt Born

Film & TV Charity - repayable grants scheme - now open for applications

14 Apr 2020 | by Matt Born

HMRC webinar on furloughing - clarifications on JRS - 14.4.20

8 Apr 2020 | by The Talent Manager

#ForgottenFreelancers - TM calls for urgent amendments to financial support schemes

7 Apr 2020 | by The Talent Manager

TM Webinar - What help is at hand? Advice on managing your finances and understanding the latest government support with David Thomas

7 Apr 2020 | by The Talent Manager

Important update on furloughing - 6th April 2020

7 Apr 2020 | by Matt Born

#forgottenfreelancers: TM Members photos make up short film by award winning filmmaker Jane Merkin

3 Apr 2020 | by The Talent Manager

Humanise lobbying - the people behind the statistics

3 Apr 2020 | by James Taylor

Viva La PD Survey

Career Advice | 1 Apr 2020 | by Jane Merkin

Additional Financial Advice from Bectu Webinar

31 Mar 2020

Screen Scotland Respond to Covid-19 Impact

31 Mar 2020

Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund

31 Mar 2020

List of Support Measures for the Industry Across Europe

30 Mar 2020 | by The Talent Manager

Letter to the Chancellor from The Talent Manager on behalf of 100,000 TV freelance members

27 Mar 2020 | by Matt Born


Career Advice | 27 Mar 2020 | by Matt Born

CRUCIAL UPDATES 6pm 27/3. How furloughing works – and who is eligible? HMRC has given guidance to TM

Career Advice | 17 Mar 2020 | by Matt Born

TM guide for freelancers affected by Covid-19

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