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Screen Scotland have announced that all funding awards already committed will be honoured regardless of whether the funded activity is cancelled, reduced or rescheduled. 

In addition, Screen Scotland has been working on responding further to the unprecedented circumstances the Scottish screen sector is currently facing. On Friday 27 March, in parallel with Creative Scotland, are planning on announcing the details of two new funds: 

  1. A bridging bursary programme for self-employed screen sector practitioners based in Scotland who are in immediate need 
  1. A streamlined development fund for producers and writers that will support content development across film and television in scripted and unscripted genres, for live-action and animation 

Information for those who have existing funding awards 

Those currently in receipt of Screen Scotland funding may wish to explore whether activity can be deferred until later in the year. However, if this is not possible, all funding awards already committed will be honoured- regardless of whether the funded activity is cancelled, reduced or rescheduled. 

As a condition of this support, Screen Scotland ask all recipients to honour contracts agreed with freelancers and artists and to think about what help they can offer their communities. 

Information for those who have a funding application currently under consideration 

All current applications will still be assessed using the published guidance. Screen Scotland are currently communicating individually with all applicants to make them aware that they need to take into account current Scottish Government advice and guidelines around Covid-19 as part of their assessment process. 

While they hope to meet current timetables for current applications, Screen Scotland anticipate that there may be a delay of up to two weeks before we are able to notify applicants of their funding decision. 

Information for any new applications 

Screen Scotland have taken the difficult decision to stop accepting applications for the following funds: 

Temporarily pausing applications on these funds will enable Screen Scotland to focus on providing specific support in response to the current Covid-19 situation. 

All other funds remain open to applications in support of activity which complies with the latest advice from the Scottish Government regarding Covid-19. 

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