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BBC's Uprising scores double Grierson nomination

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US studio Fifth Season shores up UK slate with BBC drama hire

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Edinburgh day two: Netflix - look beyond your own algorithms when pitching ideas

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News | 5 Apr 2022

Pact: productions will close due to limited Covid insurance

News | 21 Jan 2022

Scottish government backs more than 1,700 Covid-hit creative sector workers

Diversity & Inclusion | 30 Sep 2021

Women could lose out from 'proximity bias' as offices open up

News | 8 Sep 2021

Indie revenues hit as PSB spend sinks to 10-year low

Diversity & Inclusion | 7 Sep 2021

Dorothy Byrne: TV can't afford to waste talented mothers

Diversity & Inclusion | 7 Sep 2021

"Being a mother in TV was always a nightmare; now it feels impossible": working mothers speak out

News | 21 Jul 2021

Report: Covid has claimed one in 20 screen industry jobs

News | 2 Jun 2021

Mental health in the pandemic: have your say

News | 18 May 2021

Parents and carers: have your say on the impact of Covid-19

15 Mar 2021

Working parents face burnout after 'stolen year'

3 Mar 2021 | by Robin Parker

Budget 2021: a freelancer boost with strings attached

3 Mar 2021 | by Robin Parker

Budget 2021: Government extends Covid insurance until December

7 Feb 2021 | by Robin Parker

Bectu: pay all crew affected by Covid shutdowns

13 Oct 2020

Bad Wolf founder: smaller indies 'under threat'

About TM | 7 Oct 2020 | by Robin Parker

Key role shortages and Covid compliance shine light on value of checking rates

24 Sep 2020 | by Robin Parker

Scottish freelancers offered £2,000 hardship grants

24 Sep 2020 | by Robin Parker

Chancellor 'turns a deaf ear' to freelancers with 'woefully inadequate' job support package

22 Sep 2020 | by Robin Parker

Film and TV Charity unveils £2m Covid-19 support fund

17 Sep 2020 | by Robin Parker

Government to cover up to 20% of costs of Covid-delayed productions

News | 24 Jul 2020

HMT Lastest Response to TM - Forgotten Freelancers Proposal

29 Jun 2020 | by Richard Wallis and Christa van Raalte

‘Just the way the industry works’: how film and TV need to be more than fair weather industries

News | 16 Jun 2020 | by Matt Born

TM proposed solutions to Government on #forgottenfreelancers

Career Advice | 12 Jun 2020 | by Jemma Coutts

Missed the job sharing event? Watch the recording here

26 May 2020 | by DCMS

Response to Self-Employment Income Support Concerns

21 May 2020

TV Production Guidance: Managing the risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in production making

1 May 2020 | by Tim Whiting

Covid-19 – Where Are We Now And When Will Government Start To Get Us Back To Work?

23 Apr 2020 | by The Talent Manager

Film & TV Charity Launch New Fundraising Drive - Help them publicise the need

20 Apr 2020 | by Matt Born

TM letter calling for urgent reform to JRS

17 Apr 2020 | by James Taylor

Half of freelancers considering leaving TV, survey finds

News | 15 Apr 2020 | by Matt Born

Film & TV Charity - repayable grants scheme - now open for applications

14 Apr 2020 | by Matt Born

HMRC webinar on furloughing - clarifications on JRS - 14.4.20

8 Apr 2020 | by The Talent Manager

#ForgottenFreelancers - TM calls for urgent amendments to financial support schemes

7 Apr 2020 | by The Talent Manager

Important update on furloughing - 6th April 2020

3 Apr 2020 | by The Talent Manager

Humanise lobbying - the people behind the statistics

Career Advice | 1 Apr 2020 | by Jane Merkin

Additional Financial Advice from Bectu Webinar

31 Mar 2020

Screen Scotland Respond to Covid-19 Impact

31 Mar 2020

Covid-19 Film and TV Emergency Relief Fund

31 Mar 2020

List of Support Measures for the Industry Across Europe

Career Advice | 17 Mar 2020 | by Matt Born

TM guide for freelancers affected by Covid-19

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