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Thanks to the hundreds of Talent Manager and Bectu members who have contributed to a film highlighting the plight of forgotten freelancers. Thousands of television professionals have been excluded from the financial aid schemes announced by the Chancellor over the last two weeks, and have sent their photos in to award winning Exec Jane Merkin who has made them into a short film.

The idea of the film is to showcase the forgotten faces of our industry and the roles they have played in making many of the incredible programmes watched and loved by the British public and by audiences around the world. . The award winning team also includes composer Simon Russell, Producer Carolina Izquierdo, Compost Creative (who have looked after the film's graphics) and Charlotte Sheridan from The Social Biz Experts who supported the social media campaign. Everyone gave their time and services for free and the initiative was supported by The Talent Manager and BECTU.

The aim is fourfold:

  1. To show freelancers in the TV industry that they are not forgotten, and to champion the self-employed in other sectors who are in the same situation;
  2. To tell the Treasury that we are angry, feel abandoned and need them to take action to address the oversights in their various schemes;
  3. To bring our predicament to the attention of the wider British public;
  4. To highlight the need for broadcasters and independent production companies to help

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