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Bectu is inviting freelancers to share their experiences of bullying, ageism and Covid-19 as it strives to pave the way for substantial changes to their working conditions.

The union has teamed up with Bournemouth University’s media department to launch the State of Play survey, which will establish the current challenges and opportunities facing freelance workers in unscripted TV.

The study will feed into initiatives such as the pan-industry Coalition for Change and is open to freelancers and fixed-term staff from all areas of production and levels of seniority.

James Taylor, the recently-elected chair of Bectu’s unscripted TV, development, editorial and production branch, is leading the project and the results will be shared next month.

Taylor is also co-administrator for campaign group Viva La PD, which in April found that half of 1,000 executives, assistant producers and runners were considering leaving their roles due to the impact of Covid-19.

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