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Lime hires Mo Gilligan commissioner for global formats push

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Three Identical Strangers exec joins Sky as docs commissioner

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Arrow promotes Julia Hardwell to head of talent

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News | 27 Apr 2022

Bectu urges 'reset' of scripted TV working conditions

Diversity & Inclusion | 29 Nov 2021

Disability in the spotlight

News | 18 Nov 2021

Bectu issues six-step plan to stamp out bullying

News | 15 Nov 2021

Long hours, gaslighting and safety risks: lifting the lid on bullying

News | 1 Nov 2021

Bectu seeks testimonies for Anti-Bullying Week

News | 18 Oct 2021

US avoids production strike - for now

News | 5 Oct 2021

US crews vote to strike over pay and conditions

News | 29 Sep 2021

Bectu pledges support for US freelancer strike

News | 16 Aug 2021

Bectu: unscripted TV freelance model is 'broken and unsustainable'

News | 16 Aug 2021

Bectu study: 'when you sign off on a job, it's as though your soul is theirs'

News | 6 Jul 2021

Abuse goes unreported due to freelancers' 'fear of being blacklisted'

News | 5 May 2021

Bectu head: "The industry is failing women"

Diversity & Inclusion | 26 Apr 2021

Disability campaign kicks off with industry survey

News | 14 Feb 2021 | by Robin Parker

Chancellor pressured to stop self-employed 'slipping through the net'

7 Feb 2021 | by Robin Parker

Bectu: pay all crew affected by Covid shutdowns

1 Feb 2021 | by Robin Parker

Bectu: Industry must come together to stamp out bullying

17 Jan 2021 | by Robin Parker

Bectu exposes universal bullying and the 'Wild West' of recruitment

7 Dec 2020 | by Robin Parker

Bectu polls freelancers over working conditions

5 Oct 2020 | by Robin Parker

Bectu appoints bullying and harassment officer

24 Sep 2020 | by Robin Parker

Scottish freelancers offered £2,000 hardship grants

24 Sep 2020 | by Robin Parker

Chancellor 'turns a deaf ear' to freelancers with 'woefully inadequate' job support package

Career Advice | 1 Apr 2020 | by Jane Merkin

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