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Pact and Bectu have extended their negotiations on the contentious issue of TV drama terms by a month in a bid to find a “fair and transparent” deal.

The current agreement, signed in 2017, was due to end on 1 September but the bodies have agreed an extension and will continue to honour established terms until then for any productions starting in September.

“It is incumbent on all of us to do all we can to maintain a collective agreement and to encourage stability within our industry, both for the sake of the domestic production community and of those who seek to invest in the UK and bring their productions to the UK,” Pact and Bectu said in a joint statement.

The organisations have been at loggerheads over the terms, with Bectu repeatedly rejecting Pact’s recommendations for measures such as shorter working days and double pay on bank holidays.

If they cannot agree terms, producers and crew members will be entitled to renegotiate individually their terms for new productions from 1 October.


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