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Bectu aims to determine the extent to which freelancers working in unscripted TV are being paid a fair wage in its latest rate survey.

The survey has had 1,000 responses to date but is keen to get further contributions from people in production roles such as talent managers, heads of production, runners, production secretaries and production executives; and from people on the editorial side, such as series, studio or senior producers, shooting Aps and series editors.

Anonymous respondents are asked to input their current or most recent rate on a five-day week basis.

The survey also seeks to paint a picture of the evolving picture of employment during a particularly challenging time for freelancers by asking if contributors are in employment and how many months, if any, work they have had in 2023.

Bectu’s Unscripted TV Union is co-chaired by James Taylor, a producer currently working with Studio Ramsay Global Entertainment on Fox’s Kitchen Nightmares, and Viki Carter, a production executive with Darlow Smithson Productions whose recent credits include BBC1’s Interior Design Masters and Channel 5’s Vikings.

Bectu’s work in the area is in addition to The Talent Manager’s own Rate Checker, which currently comprises more than 39,000 rates.

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