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Pact is calling for shorter working days, increased overtime and double pay on Bank Holidays for crew working on scripted shows in its appeal to Bectu for new terms.

Talks between the indie body and the union broke down in March and Pact is now outlining the concessions it wants to make to improve working conditions on all scripted output budgeted at less than £7m per hour.

The bodies currently operate a unified framework that was drawn up in 2017 but are set for updating due to the added pressure placed across the industry in the interim by the increased growth of, and demand for, UK scripted production.

Bectu head Philippa Childs welcomed Pact's "improved offer" and said the union is now reviewing and analysing the proposals.

"We appreciate Pact’s efforts to retain the collective agreement and the collaboration we have established, and we are committed to trying to reach a satisfactory outcome,” she said.

Pact's proposals for a better work/life balance and remuneration comprise:

  • Shorter working days – cut from 11 hours to 10, with overtime for any extra hours worked
  • Additional pay for preparation and wrap duties such as make-up
  • Unsocial hours payments to be brought forward from midnight to 11pm, and extended for all time worked beyond the standard five-day week
  • Raising Bank Holiday pay from standard daily rate to double pay
  • Increased overtime cap from £45 to £70 per hour


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