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SMTJ is an excellent organisation run by four brilliant women set up to promote all things job sharing. The blog below gives you details on how to use The Talent Manager to find a job share partner or job.

For more information about Job Sharing including current projects such as "The Time Project", case studies, networking events, and advice on how to set up your job share partnership and interview tips, please visit

What are the benefits of job-sharing?

For Production companies:

  • Attract, retain and progress the best possible talent
  • Better quality of and increased work outputs due to the input of a wider range of skills, experience and creativity of two people rather than one
  • Address diversity and inclusion needs
  • Tackle the gender pay gap
  • Improve motivation and maximise performance – avoiding burn out
  • Add to the diversity of the stories you can tell

 For Freelancers:

  • Better Work/Life balance
  • Creating learning opportunities where partners have different strengths and work experience
  • Improve motivation and maximise performance – avoiding burn out
  • Maintain and progress in your career

How can I add previous job-sharing credits?

  • To update previously added credits to indicate that you have already job-shared before, you need to go onto your 'Edit profile' page and go back into each credit where you job shared and add in the name of your job share partner by ticking the job-share box.
  • Make sure to do this with every credit that you job-shared on so that employers can see how experienced you are.
  • Additionally, you will receive a 'Job-share experienced' badge attached to your profile so that employers and other freelancers can see that you have already taken on a job-sharing role. 

How can I set myself up as a job sharer on my Talent Manager profile?

  • To promote yourself as open to job sharing, head to the ‘Edit my Profile’ by clicking on the settings cog in the top right hand corner of the page. Then tick the box next to ‘Open to flexible working as a job sharer’ on the left hand side of the page.
  • This will allow you to come up in searches when other job sharers or job share friendly companies search the Talent Manager database.
  • You will get a 'Job Share Experienced' badge when you have job shared and have listed it in your credits.

How do I make an application as a job sharer?

  • When you find a job that interests you and that has advertised as job share friendly, you can start your application by clicking ‘find out more’ on the job post.
  • Underneath the description, you will find all the people in your connections who are open to job sharing. We advise you use Share My Telly Job website to find your job share partner but you can also find job sharers on The TM. From there, select your job share partner and add your CV.
  • Please note that the primary applicant (the one who starts the application) is the only one who can add a cover letter on behalf of both job sharers.
  • Your job share partner will receive a notification of your application and can accept to either apply with you, apply as an individual or apply with someone else.
  • As the primary applicant, you will be notified if the secondary applicant chooses to accept.

How do I find other job-sharers in my connections?

  • In order to search through people in your connections, select the 'People" tab and check 'my connections' on the left hand side of the page or select 'open to job sharing' and then to 'request them to connect'.
  • Please be aware that job-sharers can't make individual connections amongst each other - this means that you can be open to job-sharing with multiple people. 

How do I find job posts that are open to job sharers?

  • Keep an eye out on the jobs board to find job share friendly posts. You can also use the search tool to refine your searches to find all the job share friendly positions available.
  • For all job share friendly positions advertised on­ the site, you will see a badge under the description.

How do I find a job sharing partner?

  • Once you have selected that you are open to job sharing, you can then start searching for partners to apply with.
  • To find the best partner, you can search through the Talent Manager database under ‘People’. Make sure to refine your search by job role and tick ‘Job Sharer’.
  • When you find someone who suits you, invite them to connect with you to see if they are open to job sharing with you. You will come up as a job sharer in your request.
  • If they accept your request, you can then use the messaging function to find out more about each other and start a plan to apply for roles together.


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