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Screen Ireland is inviting indies, broadcasters and other TV industry figures to help establish an academy to nurture regional and diverse drama talent.

The agency is investing €600,000 – a fifth of a €3 million stimulus support package for drama, launched in July – in establishing a Talent Development Academy for Television Drama to support writers, directors and producers across Ireland.

It has today opened to bids for a consortium to set up the academy, and is looking to production companies, broadcasters, funding organisations, community groups, industry experts and educational and training bodies to take part, with one operating as a lead organisation.

Screen Ireland and Screen Skills Ireland will each have a representative on the consortium’s independently-chaired steering group, which will ensure that its activities are developed, marketed, delivered, and reviewed.

Screen Ireland said that the consortium’s remit will include a mandate to help evolve a diverse and regional pool of senior creative talent, whilst also ensuring opportunity within the industry for those who may at present feel precluded from a thriving career within the sector.

The academy will commit to:

  • Source and support experienced regional and/or diverse industry talent for key senior creative above the line roles (writing, directing, and producing) for drama, scripted development and production
  • Invest in new regional and diverse talent in entering creative above the line roles to reach the next level in their professional development
  • Connect and provide funded placements, or earlier educational opportunities
  • Offer other national talent growth opportunities, including the incorporation and recognition of skills transfer from other art-forms

The deadline for receipt of applications is 1pm on 30 October and Screen Ireland will decide on the winning bid within 25 days.

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