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The writers of BBC1’s The Salisbury Poisonings and the upcoming Blue Lights plan to nurture emerging drama talent with their new Belfast-based indie Hot Sauce Pictures.

Declan Lawn and Adam Patterson made the switch to the genre after a decade working on Panorama investigations before researching and penning Dancing Ledge’s real-life drama.

Now they plan to pay it forward with Hot Sauce, which is unconnected to Jonathan Ross's similarly-named Hot Sauce TV.

Lawn and Patterson's outfit is co-producing the pair’s upcoming BBC1 police drama Blue Lights [main picture], which is set and filmed in Belfast.

The pair have also created Rogue Agent for Netflix and have optioned journalist and Panorama presenter John Sweeney’s book about Vladimir Putin’s reign over Russia, Killer in the Kremlin, for a potential drama series.

Speaking to Broadcast, Lawn said The Salisbury Poisonings “changed our lives and has allowed us to do things which we’d never dreamed of doing”. He added: “Everyone needs a break at some point and ours was that. And we’d love to be able do that for others.

“It’s an incredibly exciting time to be in TV and film production, particularly in Belfast. There are lots of great projects here, and it feels like something interesting is happening in the city.”

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