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Channel 4 and Amazon Prime Video have teamed up for a survey that will show how well the TV industry supports and accommodates disabled staff.

The companies have enlisted You.Guv to conduct the Industry Access Survey, which will be sent to all broadcasters and streamers operating in the UKm including the PSBs, Disney, Paramount, Sky, Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Indies are also invited to complete the 10-minute survey, which covers practical aspects such as accessible toilets, parking spaces and on-location provision, as well as recruitment processes and disability inclusion policies.

As well as providing an overview of the current access and inclusion provision for disabled talent, the survey aims to shape future support, training, tools and resources.

C4 consulant disability lead Ally Castle is co-ordinating the survey with Amazon Prime Video Europe head of diversity, equity and inclusion Miranda Wayland.

Castle said: “We are not here to criticise or highlight failings, the survey is an opportunity to ‘take the temperature’ of the industry. We hope that the very process of completing the survey will give companies and their leadership teams ideas for how to improve their provision.”

As the survey will need to be completed in one sitting, and the answers will be final, participants are advised to collect all relevant information and to have it to hand before starting.

Entries are due by 23 November and the survey can be completed here

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