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Songs of Praise co-producer Avanti Media and Around the World in 80 Days indie Slim Film+TV are among 25 companies set to receive BFI funding to grow their international profile.

The BFI has invested £2.1m of its £7m UK Global Screen Fund in international business development grants for film, TV and gaming companies, each of between £50,000 and £117,600. The grants are non-repayable and will span three years.

Other primarily TV producers receiving funds include Glasgow’s Two Rivers Media, drama indies Warp Films, The Ink Factory and Synchronicity Films, and children’s producer Alphablocks.

The BFI’s fund, financed through the DCMS, has already invested in 18 projects for international distribution and 11 for co-production in its inaugural year.

The business development grants will variously be used for research and development, key hires and foreign dubs of English-language shows.

Grants in full:

Alphablocks Limited £100,000

Avanti Media Limited £89,000

The Black Camel Picture Company Limited £100,000

Blazing Griffin Limited £100,000

Bohemia Club Ltd £50,000

Cantilever Group Limited £117,600

Digital Media Distribution Ltd £80,000

Dog Ears Limited £115,000

Dorothy St Pictures Limited £100,000

Good Chaos Ltd £80,000

Ida Rose Ltd £50,000

ie ie Productions Ltd £50,000

The Ink Factory Limited £100,000

Little Door Productions Ltd £80,000

Number 9 Films Limited £80,000

Outsider Games Ltd £50,000

Rebel Television and Media Limited £50,000

Revolution Software Ltd £80,000

SFB Games Limited £116,000

Sketchbook Games Ltd £50,000

Slim Film & TV Limited £113,000

Synchronicity Films Limited £115,000

Two Rivers Media Limited £90,000

Warp Films Limited £100,000

Water & Power Productions Limited £50,000

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