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Factual indie Candour Productions has released a series of films in which TV professionals reflect on their experiences of discrimination and prejudice in their working lives.

The Leeds-based indie, formerly known as True Vision North, has teamed up with the Screen Industry Growth Network (SIGN) to produce the films, in which individuals discuss how their race, ethnicity, gender, disabiliyt, class, background or regionality - or a combination of more than one of these - has impacted their career.

The series, Industry Voices, include interviews with 11 screen industry professionals, including:

Channel 4 unscripted commissioner Fozia Khan - who has just been snapped up by Amazon for its UK originals team - reflecting on being a working mother;

Comedian and presenter Sideman [pictured] on the price of speaking out against racism; 

Nick Ransom, a researcher on shows such as C4's Naked Attraction and Class of 2020, on being neurodiverse;

Producer/director Liana Stewart, whose credits include BBC Wales' Black and Welsh and C4's Take Your Knee Off My Neck, on life as a working class black mother;

Director Sean McAllister (A Syrian Love Story; Northern Soul) on being working class.

Established by a team at the University of York, SIGN puts diversity and inclusion at the heart of its mission to support Yorkshire and Humber in becoming the UK's centre for digital creativity.

Watch the videos here

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