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Oxford Films is offering freelancers full use of its back-office and a 50% cut of their show’s production fee and sales in a bid to help producers avoid the high risk of setting up their own indie.

The factual producer behind ITV’s Prince William – a Planet For Us All [pictured] and BBC2’s The Romantics and Us said it wanted to provide a “third way” for producers between pitching ideas to companies or setting up shop themselves.

Speaking to Broadcast, chief executive and creative director Nick Kent said the initiative was inspired by his observations of the resilience during the pandemic, and its spirit of collaboration.

“Setting up an independent production company is high risk,” he added, noting that the company could share its established expertise of filming in lockdown.

“There are big costs involved and you lay yourself open to exposure with the new filming requirements, getting carbon certification and achieving diverse production, so partnering with us is another option.”

Kent said Oxford wanted to “maximise” its specialist skills and give chances to new talent and that while it would be selective about its production partners, the company aimed to “create a sustainable creative community”.

The equal-partnership proposition will be formally launched in March.

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