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Share My Telly Job recently ran a training programme for Lime Pictures and Wise Owl's non-scripted production teams. It consisted of a 45-minute presentation followed by a half-hour workshop for thirty of their people including MDs, HR, Execs, SPs, Production Managers and Talent Managers. Lime fully engaged with the training and even brought people down from their offices in Liverpool and Leeds to attend the session!  We held it at Evolutions and they put on coffee and croissants.  

The training looked at the need for flexible working and why job-sharing is the most practical option when it comes to television production. It also looked at practical and simple ways job-sharing can be implemented and supported, from how to interview job-sharers, how to manage office culture to support job-sharers, to how to get the most benefit for your production from the arrangement.

Now Share My Telly Job are going to go back and specifically work with their HR department on things like how to word job sharing contracts, flexible working policies and job share arrangement documents.

Share My Telly also run a more in-depth 2-3 hour training session for up to 12 people to cover issues more specifically tuned to the needs of the production company and the kinds of formats they work on. 

Trainer Michelle James said, "Lime is a company that wants to work with the most talented, creative and diverse teams but also really cares about the wellbeing of their people and creating a culture where their workers can excel at work while honouring their out of work commitments."

Hannah Bishop, Production Manager at Lime said, "What a great morning. Michelle had all the big cheeses in one room & did an amazing job! Lime is so on board and I am looking forward to many more job sharing roles at the company & flexible hours being the norm."

See below for Lime's response on their website:

Our Lime London Non-Scripted production team had a fantastic morning earlier this week with @ShareMyTellyJob, exploring the benefits job sharing can bring to productions.  Thanks also to Evolutions for providing the perfect setting.

As a forward-thinking employer who put the wellbeing of our talent at the forefront of what we do, we understand there may be many reasons why people working the long hours demanded in TV decide they need to work flexibly.  We are proud to actively encourage and support the industry to retain its top talent by encouraging job sharing and flexible working solutions that benefit everyone. 

We are delighted to be working in association with Share My Telly Job and welcome applications from job sharers in the industry for both our freelance and staff jobs.

Keep a look out on Talent Manager for our London production freelance vacancies, and for more information about Job Sharing visit

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