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We’ve all had ‘that’ production, the one that leaves you a lot like how you feel at the end of a bad relationship -  burnt out, full of self doubt and out of touch with friends. A string of these productions can be exhausting, so how can you build up your resilience to manage them better?


One telling study showed that lack of social connection is a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. If being on a production makes seeing loved ones tricky, help yourself stay connected by phoning a friend on your way home or when grabbing lunch. 


Exercise has been proven to be more effective for mild to moderate depression than antidepressants. Get your heart rate up and balance out the stress hormones by building exercise into your commute. Keep exercise a part of your routine even when you’re away on a shhot by simply doing some stretches as soon as you wake up, as exercise is proven to build resilience.


It could be as simple as noticing the changing of billboards on the underground or when the trees begin blossoming on your walk to the office. If mindfulness is your thing, Insight Timer is a free mindfulness app that helps control your breathing. Slowing down your breathing triggers the parasympathetic nervous system, which is vital to aid our recovery from stress. It;s a great way to unwind after a long day on set.


Pop on a podcast or read the latest non-fiction bestseller on your commute or journey to location, to keep your brain engaged. People engaged in learning report feeling better about themselves and a greater ability to cope with stress, as well as having more self confidence, hope and purpose.


Research into the brain has shown that giving and co-operating with others can stimulate the reward areas in the brain, helping to create positive feelings. Simple things like giving up your seat on your commute, giving a compliment or holding the door open cost nothing but can have a huge impact on our own and others wellbeing.

To learn more, sign up for the Resilience Training course here.

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