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The execs behind Channel 4’s Millionaire Hoarders have set up a new factual label after exiting Objective Media Group.

With StoryCore, Hannah Brownhill and Arabella Newnham plan to diversify beyond the remit of their previous label, 141 Productions, by working with a wider range of clients, including fashion agencies.

The duo previously ran 141 Productions, which was established via the merger of Maverick TV and OMG Scotland in 2022, but was wound up by parent company OMG in December.

Brownhill and Newnham had worked at Maverick prior to the merger.

As well as Millionaire Hoarders, 141’s output included C4’s Grierson-nominated public dissection documentary My Dead Body.

At Storycore, Brownhill has taken on the title of creative director, while Newnham is executive producer.

Posting on LinkedIn, Brownhill said StoryCore will be “a multi-platform content production outfit that gives us an outlet for all the brilliant ideas, creative content, and stories we want to tell”.

She added: “We love making telly and all the magic and creativity that it conjures in all of its forms, and we'll still be seeking out emerging talent and endlessly brainstorming to find those simple but addictive formats, but we want to expand the range of the content we produce, experiment with how we do this and where we show it.

“We're excited to step out of our comfort zone - to collaborate, to learn, to grow, to meet inspiring people, business owners, connect with new clients and help them reach new audiences, hear their stories, tell their stories.”

A third 141 exec, Toby Stevens, has resumed his previous role of OMG head of Scotland, and the label’s small team assigned roles across the group.

OMG recently combined Wheeler Dealers label Betty and Lingo producer Triple Brew Media into one label as part of a ‘strategic restructure’ of its unscripted portfolio.

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