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Assistant Producer

  • Description

    We are seeking a top-class, experienced and extremely energetic AP to work on a thrilling archaeology series. We need someone who is skilled in setting up shoots and travelling in far flung and sometimes difficult places, especially in the Middle East and Africa.

    You will need experience of filming on water, up mountains, in deserts and other remote and occasionally scary locations.

    You will need an excellent editorial brain, capable of writing beat sheets and helping develop them into scripts. Self-shooting skills would be immensely useful. Experience of working with presenters is vital. You must love being part of a team and enjoy going out on the road.

    This would suit a senior AP, and you would ideally, but not necessarily, be based in London.

    Start date: imminent
    Contract length: about 6 months

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  • Posted on

    30th Aug 2019

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    20th Sep 2019

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