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Office Coordinator

  • Description

    Job title: Office Manager
    Salary: Circa £25K PA
    Start date: Late September / Early October 2019
    Contract: Full time

    We are looking for a new Office Coordinator to join our fun and fast-paced office.

    Job Description

    As office coordinator you will be in charge of the general day-to-day running of the office, including opening the office first thing in the morning, answering the office phone and welcoming guests. Although you need to have all the usual requirements that make you a brilliant Office Coordinator, something most important to us is your personality! You will need to be positive and friendly. It’s important to us that you make everyone feel welcome and happy to be in the office.

    It is key that you can work as part of a team as although there are lots of jobs around the office that will be your sole responsibility, a large part of your job is working with the different production teams with whatever they may need help. Therefore, flexibility and time management are a must! You will also work closely with the Executive Assistant and cover their role when they are away.

    Key skills
    - Confidence! Confident on the phone and speaking to guests when they come into the office.
    - Organisation and time management
    - Showing initiative
    - Computer literate: on PC and Mac
    - Enthusiasm and a willingness to give things a go!
    - Passion and interest in TV production

    Bonus skills
    - Knowledge of social media and website management.
    - Some technical ability: including editing videos, camera maintenance (C300, PMW, GoPros etc) and general confidence and ability with technology.

    Jobs list (examples but not limited to):
    • General maintenance of office/looking out for repairs that may need doing/changing lightbulbs etc
    • Arrange handyman, plumber, maintenance etc.
    • Liaise with cleaner / pest control etc
    • Ordering supplies – Supermarket, stationary, ink cartridges and topping up when required
    • Meeting room management - booking, keeping tidy and providing refreshments
    • Setting up and supporting new starters
    • Look after the company email inbox and office phone
    • Look after website and social media accounts
    • Helping to organise the Christmas party and other social events
    • Health and safety - screen risers, wrist supports, access to first aid kit
    • Check and maintain fire alarm (weekly)
    • Book taxis / couriers for various productions
    • Distribute mail and deliveries around office
    • Management of internal kit (cameras, laptops etc)
    • Over all, helping to provide a great office community; for example writing monthly newsletters, keeping tabs on peoples birthdays in order to circulate cards etc.

    There is a small amount of heavy lifting in this job, so please bear that in mind

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  • Duration

    Initial 6 months

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  • Salary

    Circa £25K PA

  • Posted on

    20th Aug 2019

  • Apply by

    20th Sep 2019

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