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Humongo Television

Humongo Television


Northern Ireland

About Us

Presenting for your consideration: babies vs the world.

Babies: undeniably adorable. The world: also amazing, but let's be honest, you don't want to pinch it's little baby cheeks.

Babies: we're hard wired to love those poop factories, jumping into the fire, into the water, into the crossfire to save them. And yet, it's the world around us that's burning, sinking, and coming apart.

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, HUMONGO is a media production company with an ambitious goal - to save the world for all those adorable babies.

Our films find fun, innovative ways to confront our problems, find common ground, implement solutions, and celebrate the good in us.

Together, WE GOT THIS.
Together, we are HUMONGO

Media Sectors

  • Broadcast Television

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