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Askew Pictures

Askew Pictures



About Us

Askew Pictures was founded by Executive Television Producer Leslie Askew in 2010. Leslie has worked for major networks in Australia, Europe, and the U.S., SBS, Channel Nine (Australia), National Geographic, Al Jazeera, CBS, BET, PBS, History Channel, & CNN, where she was a producer on the award-winning documentary series, CNN Heroes.

Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Atlanta, Virginia Beach and New York before graduating high school at Duke Ellington School for the Arts, in Washington DC. Leslie studied Anthropology at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin and moved to New York after graduating in 2000. After 10 years of working in documentary and news she moved to the Netherlands in 2010.

Askew Pictures focuses on telling stories that matter. Their first film “Caring for Country '', (2013) a collaboration with The Yugul Mangi women rangers (Australia), follows the Indigenous rangers, as they show how their practices and people solve issues like seasonal wildfires. In 2018, Leslie directed, produced & edited the short film, ‘Analog Man’ which was featured in festivals in Europe, U.S and Mexico.

Today, Askew Pictures clients are a diverse reflection of my experience from managing social media platforms, to developing feature length documentaries and lifestyle series.

Media Sectors

  • Short Film
  • Online Content

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