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Goat Films

Goat Films




About Us

Like Goats, we are inquisitive by nature with a slate reflecting our vision to create original, ambitious, funny and exciting global entertainment formats and scripted comedy. Just like Goats, we are sociable creatures who thrive within our tribe, though we’re not great at standing on steep mountainsides.

When you come to work with us, we want you to feel supported, nurtured and empowered as part of our Team.  We don’t do emails at midnight, we don’t do angry phone calls, we don’t work with wankers, we don’t work with bullies, we don’t throw food at each other, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do feed the office seagull called Bob. Goat films is a safe, welcoming and progressive working environment valuing creativity and compassion, fully aware that at the end of the day our work is not life and death:


Media Sectors

  • Broadcast Television

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  • Romeo & Duet


  • Nella Rose's Flight Mode

    Channel 4

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