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Lightning Strike Productions

About Us

Located in Palau Micronesia, Lightning Strike Productions is a media company that caters to Palauan and international clients. We provide Pre-production, filming, photography and post production services. We specialise in Underwater, aerial, wildlife, interview, time-lapse, expedition media production. Our local and multinational network of contacts and collaborators enables us to provide our clients with the best (we think) all round media production service in the Western Central Pacific region.

Media Sectors

  • Broadcast Television
  • Commercials
  • Corporate Communications
  • Mobile Content
  • Web Creation
  • Radio
  • Feature Film
  • Short Film
  • Online Content
  • Video on demand
  • Non Broadcast

Our Latest Freelancers

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  • Planet SOS

    Al Jazeera English

  • Mysteries of the abandoned

    Science Channel

  • Nazi Megastructures

    National Geographic Channel

  • Blue Peter

    BBC 1

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