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View TV Group

View TV Group


South East

About Us

View TV Group produces entertainment TV and VOD content and broadcasts own and other owner’s channels on the platform for smart TVs, set top box and any internet-connected / mobile devices and monetises own and customer's content through sponsorship and programmatic advertising. The group also produces and broadcasts http://rathergoodradiocom and on DAB across London and the South East and globally online an via mobile apps and streaming via the website.

Why come to View TV Group? What’s the attraction?
 This is an TV & radio disrupter business and a small team but growing very quickly and lots of opportunities to grow with the business. The media and entertainment sector is very active at the moment, lots going on, hence lots of opportunity. This is a fascinating industry, fast-moving, fast-growing, and we’re talking to the big players, e.g. Sky, Virgin and US corporates about our great channels, content and world-beating advert replacement technology
 Those who understand this industry will be aware that the marketplace is changing very quickly. With the proliferation of distribution platforms (online, mobile, consoles etc.), the ability to license and sell our content and provide advertisers and sponsors with viewers across many regions is exploding. Consequently, this is an opportunity to be a part of that growth in building a team to make this a much bigger business, globally
 This is a chance to distinguish yourself in View TV Group and to set a course for what’s going to be the future of entertainment, licensing and advertising in the years ahead.

Media Sectors

  • Broadcast Television
  • Commercials
  • Mobile Content
  • Radio
  • Online Content
  • Video on demand

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