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Green Rock Media Ltd

Green Rock Media Ltd

0207833 2277


Los Angeles



About Us

We are Green Rock, one of the most agile, progressive, creative content studios in the UK.

Green Rock lives at the intersection of content, brands, entertainment and audiences and we specialise in audience-first storytelling. At Green Rock we believe passionately in the power of stories told well.

We believe that good content has to be made with the good of both people and planet in mind. A sustainable, profitable planet is what we help our clients achieve.

We love a challenging brief that has a beneficial impact at it core, something that the world needs to know about and we can help amplify.

From a single Tiktok to a fully formed multi-platform content campaign, we use our audience expertise to craft engaging content journeys that delight audiences and help brands find their place in today’s attention economy.

We can do it at scale and at pace. Utilizing our technology that enables us to bring about borderless creativity and allows our team to work remotely from three different continents

We believe in Good Different, it’s one of our values.

There’s too much bad same content in the world, so let us help you stand out.

Media Sectors

  • Other
  • Corporate Communications
  • Mobile Content
  • Online Content
  • Broadcast Television
  • Digital Games
  • Commercials
  • Web Creation
  • Short Film
  • Video on demand
  • Non Broadcast

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