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Red Bull Media House GmbH

Red Bull Media House GmbH

+43 662 2240 28602


About Us

In 1987, Red Bull not only launched a completely new product, it created and has led ever since a whole new product category, Energy Drinks. Nowadays Red Bull employs more than 10400 people in over 167 countries, selling over 5 billion cans a year. The World of Red Bull provides the forum for you to use your talent and passion, to develop yourself and make an impact. Find out why we're different.

Red Bull Media House is perpetually driven to develop media solutions and cutting-edge formats that aim to break boundaries and deliver experiences beyond the ordinary. As a key pillar of the media business, Red Bull TV is designed as an evolving, multi-platform experience for viewers worldwide who seek inspiration through intelligent and engaging content, as well as multiple ways to consume that content. Accessible via the web at and its applications, Red Bull TV creates a strong footprint across the globe, and is also available as a pre-installed channel on Apple TV and Samsung Smart TVs and as a free, downloadable app on Amazon Fire TV, Kindle Fire, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox 360 and many more platforms – building toward a true global media proposition. Red Bull Media House offers an unprecedented opportunity for you to apply the talent and passion you’ve demonstrated in traditional media to a revolutionary new approach to content delivery. Find out why we're different!

Media Sectors

  • Broadcast Television
  • Corporate Communications
  • Digital Games
  • Feature Film
  • Live Events
  • Mobile Content
  • Music Promos
  • Online Content
  • Short Film
  • Web Creation

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