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Laura Mulholland



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About Me

I'm a strong storyteller with a proven ability to deliver emotionally engaging, visually creative films. I've filmed all over the world in awe-inspiring and challenging locations, working with high-end crews and high-profile presenters. A specialist factual producer at heart, I also have experience in current affairs (Panorama / Newsnight) and I pr... Read More

Professional Training

Course / QualificationTraining Provider / InstitutionYear
First Aid / First / 2023
First AidFirst 2023
BBC Data Protection / BBC / 2022
BBC Data ProtectionBBC2022
BBC Anti Bribery / BBC / 2022
BBC Anti BriberyBBC2022
BBC Safe Managment of Productions / BBC / 2020
BBC Safe Managment of ProductionsBBC2020
ALBERT - Applied Skills for a Sustainable Media Industry / BBC / 2020
ALBERT - Applied Skills for a Sustainable Media IndustryBBC2020
BBC Media Law / BBC / 2016
BBC Media LawBBC2016
BBC Lighting and Safety / BBC / 2010
BBC Lighting and SafetyBBC2010
BBC Storytelling for TV / BBC / 2010
BBC Storytelling for TVBBC2010
BBC DV Directing / BBC / 2010
BBC DV DirectingBBC2010

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Other Details
  • Media I Work In:

    Broadcast Television

    Online Content

    Video on demand

    Live Events

  • Locations I can work in:

    Work Anywhere

  • Skills/Permits:

    Access Negotiation

    CRB Check

    Driving Licence

    Edit Producing

    Heath And Safety Training

    PADI Diving Licence

    Safeguarding Trust

    Script Writing


    I Visa USA

  • Technical Skills:

    Multicamera Directing

    Canon C300 Mark II

    Sony PXW-FS7

  • Awards:

    BAFTA nominated Best Live Event (2019) "Operation Live: Open Heart Surgery"

    BAFTA nominated Best Live Event (2020) "Operation Live" Series 2.

    Mobile Journalism Awards (2017)
    Nominated - "Secrets of the Super Elements"

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