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Ruhi Hamid



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About Me

An award winning and experienced director, I excel at self-shooting creatively and building relationships with contributors, getting the best out of them on camera. I successfully gain access to institutions and people otherwise sceptical of the media. I lead teams, managing both budgets and schedules and often working in hostile situations - fo... Read More

An award winning and experienced director, I excel at self-shooting creatively and building relationships with contributors, getting the best out of them on camera. I successfully gain access to institutions and people otherwise sceptical of the media. I lead teams, managing both budgets and schedules and often working in hostile situations - for example for the United Nations in Somalia in 2013. I managed a team of 13 while maintaining client relationships with a large and bureaucratic institution. My credits include Producing and Directing for BBC, C4, Al Jazeera, European and US broadcasters. My subject interests are varied, but I thrive with character driven obs docs narratives combined with strong journalistic skills to make powerful films. I successfully collaborate with talent from top broadcasters such as Jonathan Dimbleby to BBC 3 rising star, Reggie Yates. I am equally happy working with camera crews. Read Less

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Job RoleProduction TitleChannelCompanyDateNetwork Executive
Producer/Director / AFRICA: A JOURNEY INTO MUSIC / BBC 4 / Sundog Pictures / Jan 2017 to Apr 2017 / JAN YOUNGHUSBAND
Producer/DirectorAFRICA: A JOURNEY INTO MUSICBBC 4Sundog Pictures Jan 17 - Apr 17JAN YOUNGHUSBAND
Producer/Director / Ferguson, One Year On with Reggie Yates / BBC 3 / Sundog Pictures / May 2015 to present / Sam Bickley
Producer/DirectorFerguson, One Year On with Reggie YatesBBC 3Sundog Pictures May 15 - to presentSam Bickley
Producer/Director / Extreme Russia With Reggie Yates / BBC 3 / Sundog Pictures / Oct 2014 to Dec 2014 / Darren Kemp
Producer/DirectorExtreme Russia With Reggie YatesBBC 3Sundog Pictures Oct 14 - Dec 14Darren Kemp
Producer/Director / Pharmageddon / National Geographic Channel / Wall To Wall / Jul 2014 to Sep 2015
Producer/DirectorPharmageddonNational Geographic ChannelWall To Wall Jul 14 - Sep 15
Producer/Director / Extreme South Africa with Reggie Yates / BBC 3 / Sundog Pictures / Oct 2013 to Feb 2015 / Sam Anstiss
Producer/DirectorExtreme South Africa with Reggie YatesBBC 3Sundog Pictures Oct 13 - Feb 15Sam Anstiss
Producer/Director / Panorama Special: Breaking into Britain / BBC 1 / Love Productions / Sep 2010 to Apr 2011 / Fiona Campbell/Tom Giles
Producer/DirectorPanorama Special: Breaking into BritainBBC 1Love Productions Sep 10 - Apr 11Fiona Campbell/T...
Producer/Director / An African Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby / BBC 2 / Fresh One Productions / Sep 2010 to Mar 2010 / fiona campbell
Producer/DirectorAn African Journey with Jonathan DimblebyBBC 2Fresh One Productions Sep 10 - Mar 10fiona campbell
Producer/Director / Women, Weddings, War & Me / BBC 3 / BBC / Jul 2009 to Sep 2009 / Danny Cohen
Producer/DirectorWomen, Weddings, War & MeBBC 3BBC Jul 09 - Sep 09Danny Cohen
Producer/Director / At The Epicentre / BBC 2 / BBC / Jan 2005 to May 2005
Producer/DirectorAt The EpicentreBBC 2BBC Jan 05 - May 05
Director / RockStar & The Mullahs / BBC 2 / October Films / Jan 2003 to Dec 2003 / Nick Fraser
DirectorRockStar & The MullahsBBC 2October Films Jan 03 - Dec 03Nick Fraser
Producer/Director / Lahore Law 3 part series / Channel 4 / Agenda productions / May 2000 to Apr 2001 / Peter Dale
Producer/DirectorLahore Law 3 part seriesChannel 4Agenda productions May 00 - Apr 01Peter Dale
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Ruhi managed a team of over twelve production staff at our Kenyan and Somali offices and was responsible for delivering 100 hours of radio and 50 hours of television in a twelve month period. Ruhi is also passionate and a dedicated producer/director with a natural ability to extract brilliant interviews and performances from contributors whilst working under extreme pressure. Her editorial instincts are superb, both on the frontline (in the field) or in the edit suite.

Robert Elliott, Creative Director

I have worked with Ruhi on a number of occasions on BBC1 Panorama and BBC2 21:00 Current Affairs projects. She is a highly experienced and reliable produceirector. Her experience on foreign locations is second to none and her team management skills are also first class under pressure. I have always found Ruhi's edits very well planned and executed and overall would 100% recommend her on Current Affairocumentary projects.

Fiona Campbell Executive Producer BBC Television

I have known and worked with Ruhi for more years than either of us would care to remember. She is without doubt one of the most passionate and committed film-makers that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Ruhi is equally at home as a creative self-shooter or when filming with a crew, and has a rare talent of being able to turn novices into highly professional persenters. If a story is there to be told, whether in high-risk foreign locations or in the UK, Ruhi is guaranteed to find it, and to tell that story in an editorially and visually compelling way. Her dedication to her subject and her craft are second to none and i cannot recommend her highly enough.

Jane Merkin, Executive Producer

Ruhi is a very determined, resourceful and brave camera/ director/producer who has helped make some very strong films for me in very difficult conditions - both for Panorama (Breaking into Britain - a one hour 9pm BBC One special that TXed in June 2011) and also for BBC3 - with the award -winning Women, Weddings, War and Me where she filmed a young British woman's return to Afghanistan. Ruhi is good at combining strong journalistic instinct and research with powerful, emotional story-telling and can be relied upon to get results in adverse circumstances. She also helped develop and nurture a raw, young presenting talent in Nelufar Hedayat who featured in Women, Weddings...

Tom Giles, Editor, BBC Panorama/ Executive Producer BBC Current AffairsTV

Ruhi is an excellent self shooting director, who gets great performances out of contributors and presenters and is good at finding and following profound stories, regardless of the hostility or difficulty of the environment. She has worked to deliver a range of television documentaries across all channels from travelouge , current affairs, presenter led features and BBC first person documentary. She runs teams well and is passionate and knowledgable about the UK and world affairs. She also has expert knowledge of operating in Africa, Pakistan and Asia and works in teams well. .

Karen O'Connor formerly commissioner current affairs BBC

Exceptionally talented and capable producer/director. We have worked together on two productions, both demanding films in challenging countries. Ruhi brought back exactly what was expected - and some, making the most of the budget which she used very skillfully. Ruhi is also a very good team worker and adept at handling talent.

Peter Grimsdale, Executive Producer

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    Grierson, Broadcast, Digital Broadcast, Rory Peck Features, New York Festivals Award

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