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Sarah Hunt

US Based Producer/Director/Field Director/Producer


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Los Angeles, USA


About Me

As an experienced director and BAFTA-nominated documentary producer, I am calm and decisive with a creative eye. I have conducted over four thousand in-depth interviews and I have successfully produced and directed numerous dramatic reconstructions.

With the ability to pivot as necessary, I am innovative with proven investigative skills... Read More

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Other Details
  • Media I Work In:

    Broadcast Television

    Corporate Communications

    Short Film


  • Locations I can work in:

    Work Anywhere

  • Skills/Permits:

    Access Negotiation

    PADI Diving Licence

    Safeguarding Trust



    PADI Diving Licence

    Safeguarding Trust

    Driving Licence

    First Aid

  • Technical Skills:

    Single Camera Directing

    Multicamera Directing

  • Awards:

    BAFTA nominated
    New York Festivals TV & Film Awards shortlisted

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