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Lulu O'Hagan



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About Me

This Morning’s Exec Producer responded to my request to be an older work experience for 4 weeks - as I've always wanted to work on the show and I really want to re-train as a researcher. The powers that be there understand that older (but still young in the head!) people have twenty years to commit to a new career or back to their old on... Read More

This Morning’s Exec Producer responded to my request to be an older work experience for 4 weeks - as I've always wanted to work on the show and I really want to re-train as a researcher. The powers that be there understand that older (but still young in the head!) people have twenty years to commit to a new career or back to their old one if stayed at home with children. So now, I have a real understanding of what is wanted and ready to rise to your researching challenge!
So I’ve worked on news, entertainment and day team. I’m trying to leave production sec/coordinating/admin behind. I have such a varied CV. Can write and spell anything, 60% fluent in French, always learning. Am I a risk? Nah, I’m an asset!

Prior to current role, I worked as a Prod Coordinator for Naked Entertainment, working alongside casting team casting contributors and organising two PD teams' callsheets, hotels, hire cars and travel. Petty cash, P/O’s etc...

I’ve also worked as coordinator//2nd AD and more on a low budget BBC3/You Tube Channel shoot which was, in reality, a large undertaking with limited resources. We had 28 cast and day-to-day location changes. I drew up the call sheet each day and coordinated cast and crew's movements - where everyone was, needed to be and resolving all issues regarding each day's shoot. All of this I am great at. Logistics. Organisation. Keeping the artistes happy. However I lack post prod paperwork and drawing up budgets skills (though I can keep to them). I've been back at work for the past few years having been mainly at home with my girls (now late teens). I am open to other ideas outside Prod Sec/Jr Coordinator roles such as Casting Researcher - I am multi-skilled with amazing and valuable experience...great with communications and people. Flexible, versatile - I'll fit in with you..!
On Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish, I covered: organising dry run schedules for rehearsals, call sheets and working out on shoots - recruiting the public for various pranks; credit card and petty cash reconciliations; Working on main RX day - sorting teas, coffees, dressing rooms, chairs, food, water. An absolutely all-encompassing role with daily organisation of transport, hotels etc and locations too. Prior to this, I was working as a Drama Assistant/Production Secretary - sourcing props, background artists, hotels, helping set up shoot, working with the Director and AP on the shoots as well as doing the call sheet, unit lists, release forms etc and dealing with expenses/float. I am quick-thinking, versatile and a bubbly person who has worked in many arenas - from live television in light entertainment, to episodic drama and theatrical film, covering roles from Floor Manager and 2nd AD to production office roles.
I have completed Carbon Free Training with

In a corporate role, I worked as PA to the VP & 4 Directors, looking after 60 people, booking travel, expenses, meetings, company credit card reconciliation, organising office internal and external events. I had to learn their software in order to authorise expenses, book meeting rooms and plan people's work in. I managed the facilities, starters/leavers, Health & Safety and even trained as a Fire Marshall and First Aider!
Before all of this creativity, I worked as a Market Maker on the Stock-market floor in the 80's (the 10th woman amongst 1500 men), but my main career has been 20 years freelancing in film and tv production.
I'm married to an independent film producer and when I'm between jobs, I work from home for him, doing his diaries, travel, phone calls - and between us we do Budgets and Schedules on Movie Magic when required.

(And finally - before the Big Brother days - when you didn't have to be 'known' to be a presenter - I was offered a presenting job on a strand for "This Morning" - I'd done a great show-reel with bits of work for a cable channel reviewing movies. I know how to talk to camera - my floor managing has taught me well. So - despite me being older, despite this being an ageist industry - if anyone wants a mature but bonkers Light Entertainment person - I'm your (wo)man....!) Read Less

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Job RoleProduction TitleChannelCompanyDateNetwork Executive
Junior Researcher / This Morning / ITV1 / ITV / Jun 2018 to Jul 2018
Junior ResearcherThis MorningITV1ITV Jun 18 - Jul 18
Production Secretary / Ancient Assassins 2 / Discovery / World Media Rights Ltd / Jun 2016 to Jun 2016
Production SecretaryAncient Assassins 2DiscoveryWorld Media Rights Ltd Jun 16 - Jun 16
Production Secretary / Ancient Assassins / Discovery / World Media Rights Ltd / Mar 2016 to Apr 2016
Production SecretaryAncient AssassinsDiscoveryWorld Media Rights Ltd Mar 16 - Apr 16
Production Secretary / Ancient Assassins 2 / Discovery / World Media Rights Ltd / May 2016 to May 2016
Production SecretaryAncient Assassins 2DiscoveryWorld Media Rights Ltd May 16 - May 16
Production Co-ordinator / Coconut / BBC 3 / Big Deal Films / Jan 2017 to Jan 2017
Production Co-ordinatorCoconutBBC 3Big Deal Films Jan 17 - Jan 17
Junior Production Co-ordinator / 100% Hotter / 5* / Naked Entertainment / Jul 2017 to Sep 2017
Junior Production Co-ordinator100% Hotter5*Naked Entertainment Jul 17 - Sep 17
Production Secretary / Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish / Dave / Liberty Bell Productions / Jul 2016 to Oct 2016
Production SecretaryDave Gorman's Modern Life is GoodishDaveLiberty Bell Productions Jul 16 - Oct 16
Personal Assistant / Giant Films Ltd / Giant Films Ltd / Sep 2014 to Sep 2014
Personal AssistantGiant Films LtdGiant Films Ltd Sep 14 - Sep 14
Chaperone / Ruby Robinson / Sky Arts 1 / King Bert Productions / Apr 2015 to Apr 2015
ChaperoneRuby RobinsonSky Arts 1King Bert Productions Apr 15 - Apr 15
Office Manager / IT Company / CACI LTD / May 2013 to Aug 2014
Office ManagerIT CompanyCACI LTD May 13 - Aug 14
Chaperone / The Boy in the Dress / BBC 1 / BBC/King Bert Productions / Oct 2014 to Dec 2014
ChaperoneThe Boy in the DressBBC 1BBC/King Bert Productions Oct 14 - Dec 14
Chaperone / Mr Stink / BBC 1 / BBC / Nov 2012 to Nov 2012
ChaperoneMr StinkBBC 1BBC Nov 12 - Nov 12
Junior Production Manager / Greenzone / Greenzone Ltd / Feb 2007 to Apr 2007
Junior Production ManagerGreenzoneGreenzone Ltd Feb 07 - Apr 07
Reporter / Radio Jackie 107.8 FM / At The Races / Radio Jackie / Feb 2003 to Aug 2003
ReporterRadio Jackie 107.8 FMAt The RacesRadio Jackie Feb 03 - Aug 03
Personal Assistant / Granada Films / Granada Films / Mar 2002 to Jun 2002
Personal AssistantGranada FilmsGranada Films Mar 02 - Jun 02
Production Secretary / Swap Til' You Drop / BBC 1 / BBC / Sep 1998 to Dec 1998
Production SecretarySwap Til' You DropBBC 1BBC Sep 98 - Dec 98
Television Presenter / ACNY (A Cinema Near You) / Rapture TV / Jul 1998 to Dec 1998
Television PresenterACNY (A Cinema Near You)Rapture TV Jul 98 - Dec 98
Production Secretary / The Holiday Programme / BBC 1 / BBC / Feb 1997 to Dec 1997
Production SecretaryThe Holiday ProgrammeBBC 1BBC Feb 97 - Dec 97
Production Secretary / Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis / BBC / Feb 1996 to Sep 1996
Production SecretaryBring Me the Head of Mavis DavisBBC Feb 96 - Sep 96
Graphics Operator / Sky News / Sky News / BSkyB / Jan 1995 to Dec 1995
Graphics OperatorSky NewsSky NewsBSkyB Jan 95 - Dec 95
Junior Production Manager / The Man Who Held His Breath / Miracle Films Ltd / Jan 1994 to Dec 1994
Junior Production ManagerThe Man Who Held His BreathMiracle Films Ltd Jan 94 - Dec 94
Personal Assistant / Little Orphan Annie / Columbia Pictures / Jan 1993 to Dec 1993
Personal AssistantLittle Orphan AnnieColumbia Pictures Jan 93 - Dec 93
2nd Assistant Director / Hamish Macbeth / BBC 1 / Zenith North / Jan 1993 to Dec 1993
2nd Assistant DirectorHamish MacbethBBC 1Zenith North Jan 93 - Dec 93
Floor Manager / The Big Breakfast / Channel 4 / Planet 24 / Aug 1991 to Aug 1992
Floor ManagerThe Big BreakfastChannel 4Planet 24 Aug 91 - Aug 92
3rd Assistant Director / The Turnaround / World Productions LTD / Jan 1992 to Dec 1992
3rd Assistant DirectorThe TurnaroundWorld Productions LTD Jan 92 - Dec 92
3rd Assistant Director / Catherine Cookson's The Man Who Cried / ITV / Festival Films and TV / Jan 1991 to Dec 1991
3rd Assistant DirectorCatherine Cookson's The Man Who CriedITVFestival Films and TV Jan 91 - Dec 91
Floor Manager / Look North / BBC 1 / BBC / Aug 1989 to Aug 1990
Floor ManagerLook NorthBBC 1BBC Aug 89 - Aug 90
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Professional Training

Course / QualificationTraining Provider / InstitutionYear
Researcher’s survival guide / Indie Training Fund / 2018
Researcher’s survival guideIndie Training Fund2018
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