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Rashid Davari

Video/Film Editor


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About Me

I am an award-winning versatile editor with a solid, extensive, and proven track record in the industry with proper set-up facilities and tools to edit your programmes remotely. I’ve remotely edited numerous programmes in the last 3 years successfully. Notable programmes among them are "The Murder of Lord Mountbatten: 3 Days t... Read More

Rashid Davari was the Post Production supervisor and the main editor on "Walking the World", a 10x60 mins documentary series with 3x60 mins compilation, which I produced for Travel Channel (US) and Discovery HD Theatre (US), Reader's Digest Video (worldwide), Voyage (France), RTBF (Belgium) and for international distribution via Southern Star.

It was an enjoyable experience working with him; he is that rare thing, an editor who is both creative and technically very savvy. He set up the whole post-production for the series and was an invaluable support for the other editors, who were less technical and less experienced. He had always been able to come up with the goods. Indeed, two of our programmes sailed through rough cut approval at Discovery without a single change requested something which had never happened to me before!

Beyond this, once Rashid has dedicated himself to a project, he will do his all to ensure it works properly. He will always do his maximum for any film he is working on.

Jonathan Schütz

"Rashid is a gifted editor with a passion for every facet of film. He has a thorough understanding of the process of filmmaking, the various formats available and how to get the best out of the material available. He's an extremely hard worker, runs a state of the art post production facility and will go out of his way to make sure that whatever he works on is realised to the highest possible standard. In an industry where many people are cutting corners, Rashid goes the extra mile to achieve excellence. It was a pleasure working with him to edit The Art of Ama Ata Aidoo"

Yaba Badoe, MD Fadoa Films UK & Ghana

Rashid Davari can turn any project into a success. His experienced eye at good story telling and his thorough knowledge of his craft, can save any on screen bad performance and any rough camera shot and turn them into a winning combination. He is a hard working editor, dedicated to his craft and always works beyond the call of duty to ensure the success of his projects. Meticulous in his planning and program flow schedules, the success of his projects is guaranteed. There's not a problem that he can not offer a solution to, nor an edit that he can not salvage and turn into a winner.

Dimitri Kevgas, Creative Director

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Other Details
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  • Media I Work In:

    Broadcast Television

    Feature Film

    Short Film

    Corporate Communications

  • Locations I can work in:




    East Anglia





    North America

    North East

    North West

    Northern Ireland


    South America

    South East

    South West


  • Language:

    English (Fluent)

    Farsi (Fluent)

  • Skills/Permits:

    Driving Licence

    Work Permit EU

  • Technical Skills:

    Adobe Premiere


    Final Cut Pro

    Final Cut Pro 7

    Avid Media Composer


  • Awards:

    Best Editor (Figra 1995)

    "Festival International des Grands Reportages et Actualite" in France
    December 1995

    This award was given for editing "Andreotti et les parrains", an hour documentary which investigates Andreotti's involvement with Mafia and made

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