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Sam Taplin

Series Producer


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About Me

Dynamic SP with a wealth of experience creating high-rating factual films.
Netflix, Disney+, Channel 4, Nat Geo, Discovery and Sky


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We much enjoyed working recently with Sam on the series Ross Kemp: Shipwreck Treasure Hunter for Sky History. He combines infectious energy and enthusiasm with real attention to detail and great craft. He has an intuitive feel for visual storytelling and an appetite to try different ways of doing things in the interests of originality and innovation. We look forward to teaming up with him on future projects.

Daniel Korn, A+E Networks UK

Sam Taplin is quite simply a superb series producer. Editorially, logistically, financially he is across every detail, ensuring that no stone is left unturned in pursuit of the very best end product deliverable. He works exceptionally hard, has a keen sense of the visual and strong story-telling instincts. He's one of those series producers who watches ALL of the rushes. Twice. Extremely personable he takes feedback and ideas well, but also fights his corner when he really believes in something. The commissioners love him and most of all I have been able to trust him and his judgment implicitly. A rare find . . .

Ed Taylor

Sam is a passionate, dedicated director with tremendous visual flair and is very competent with both documentary and drama-documentary genres. He is a good script writer with excellent story telling skills and a joy to collaborate with in the edit. He also works hard to bring in productions on budget and on schedule.

Alice Harper

Sam is the kind of p/d every exec wants – he has a natural talent for film-making and is also deeply passionate about his craft. You can judge Sam by the fact that his instincts are always to do what’s best for the film, not what’s easiest. He possesses a native creativity and has that rare and oft-underestimated skill of being a good writer. Beyond that, he’s a great team member and a pleasure to work with.

Ash Potterton

Sam is a rare breed - a bright and naturally talented young director who embraces a brief, is eager to learn and meticulous in his planning. His dedication to his production is second to none. He will think and rethink sequences until he is happy they are as good as they can possibly be. His rushes are always a cut above. In the cutting room he puts his material together with speed and flexibility, always willing to try new ideas to make the material sing. He's first on my list for talented and hardworking go-to film-makers.

David McNab

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  • Media I Work In:

    Broadcast Television

    Corporate Communications

    Video on demand

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  • Language:

    English (Fluent)

  • Skills/Permits:

    Access Negotiation

    Archive Clearance

    I Visa USA

    Work Permit Australia

    Driving Licence

    Script Writing


  • Technical Skills:

    Adobe Premiere

  • Awards:

    IVCA Gold Award

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