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Nessa Wrafter


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Dublin, Ireland

About Me

Award-winning writer and director, Nessa Wrafter, was chosen by the screenwriter/showrunner Lisa McGee (Derry Girls, The Deceived, Being Human) for one-to-one mentorship as part of the BBC/ITV Mentorship Scheme with Dancing Ledge Productions 2021. Lisa selected Nessa’s TV pilot script and series pitch for Reunion, developing it with her to take t... Read More

It’s rare that I would rate someone as outstanding in all categories, but in Nessa’s case her professionalism and character make this possible.

I can safely say that Nessa’s input into the projects on which I have been working has been profoundly well-received. Nessa has the energy and enthusiasm of five ordinary women, and has continued to impress me with her professionalism, refreshing sense of humour and work ethic that has been second to none throughout.

Nessa was lead actress for the first project I worked with her on; needless to say this required of her a totally different set of skills to her later role as assistant line producer on a feature film. In both instances her willingness and ability have led to her committing far more than could normally be expected of someone in either position. In the former her energy and dynamism brought needed strength to the team, whereas in the latter she was able to focus her energy on bringing much-needed calm to the organisation that was sorely missed in her absence. Nessa’s character defuses tense situations, and she is a strong team player. Nessa is able to adapt to new practices quickly and easily and can communicate with a wide range of people with different styles and personalities. An otherwise rare common-sense permeates Nessa’s approach to work, and I can envisage her applying herself to whatever level of responsibility might be presented to her.

Steffan Aquarone, Producer, Immense Productions

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Other Details
  • Agent:

    Amy Sparks @ United Agents

  • Media I Work In:

    Broadcast Television


    Feature Film

    Music Promos

    Short Film

  • Locations I can work in:




    Northern Ireland

  • Language:

    French (Conversational)

    Spanish (Conversational)

  • Skills/Permits:


    I Visa USA

    Work Permit EU

  • Technical Skills:

    Final Cut Pro

    Sony PMW-EX1

    Sony HVR-Z1

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