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Nadaav Soudry

Producer / Director


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About Me

Over 20 years of experience in TV production. Documentary, entertainment, comedy, broadcast, digital. Current affairs, observational documentaries, and magazine shows for BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and CNBC. Commercials and branded content director for Bacardi, Citibank, Sainsbury's and more.

I am well-versed in leading both large s... Read More

Professional Training

Course / QualificationTraining Provider / InstitutionYear
Virtual Production for Directors / NFTS & Storyworks Academy / 2022
Virtual Production for DirectorsNFTS & Storyworks Academy2022
Drama Directing / Directors Cut / 2022
Drama DirectingDirectors Cut2022
Character Labs (Writers) / Film London / 2021
Character Labs (Writers)Film London2021
DaVinci Resolve / BFI Academy / 2021
DaVinci ResolveBFI Academy2021
Virtual Production / Storyworks Academy / 2021
Virtual ProductionStoryworks Academy2021
FS7 for self shooting producer/directors / Screenskills / 2021
FS7 for self shooting producer/directors Screenskills2021
Covid Safe Production / Screenskills / 2020
Covid Safe ProductionScreenskills2020
Genre Labs (Writers) / Film London / 2020
Genre Labs (Writers)Film London2020
Pitching / Directors UK & Screenskills / 2020
PitchingDirectors UK & Screenskills 2020
Inspire (mentorship) / Directors UK / 2020
Inspire (mentorship)Directors UK2020
Comedy Writing / Amused Moose / 2019
Comedy WritingAmused Moose2019
Directing Commercials Bootcamp / London Film School / 2018
Directing Commercials BootcampLondon Film School2018
Sound Design for Directors / London Film School / 2017
Sound Design for Directors London Film School2017
Advanced Premiere Pro / BECTU / 2017
Advanced Premiere ProBECTU2017
Developing and Pitching Programme Ideas / BBC Academy / 2016
Developing and Pitching Programme Ideas BBC Academy2016
Development: Treatments Workshop / BBC Academy / 2016
Development: Treatments Workshop BBC Academy2016
Advanced Tools of Directing: The Script / Directors Guild of Great Britain / 2015
Advanced Tools of Directing: The ScriptDirectors Guild of Great Britain2015
Kickstart Your Career - producing comedy / BFI/LoCo Film Festival / 2015
Kickstart Your Career - producing comedyBFI/LoCo Film Festival2015
Generating Creative Ideas / BBC Academy / 2015
Generating Creative Ideas BBC Academy2015
Writing Commentary / Patrick Uden / 2015
Writing CommentaryPatrick Uden 2015
Advanced Tools of Directing: Actors / Directors Guild of Great Britain / 2014
Advanced Tools of Directing: ActorsDirectors Guild of Great Britain2014
Storyboarding For Directors / London Film School / 2013
Storyboarding For Directors London Film School2013
Motion Capture / The Lighthouse / 2013
Motion CaptureThe Lighthouse2013
Advanced Tools of Directing: The Camera / Directors Guild of Great Britain / 2012
Advanced Tools of Directing: The CameraDirectors Guild of Great Britain2012
Practical Producers Masterclass / Practical Producers / 2012
Practical Producers MasterclassPractical Producers2012
Herbie Wise Masterclass / Directors Guild of Great Britain / 2010
Herbie Wise MasterclassDirectors Guild of Great Britain2010
Directing Performance with Chris Thomas / Raindance / 2010
Directing Performance with Chris ThomasRaindance2010
Producing Film & Television / Raindance / 2010
Producing Film & TelevisionRaindance2010
Directing Feature Film / Raindance / 2010
Directing Feature FilmRaindance2010
Underwater Photography and Filming / PADI / 2010
Underwater Photography and FilmingPADI2010
Directing As Visual Story Telling / London Film School / 2009
Directing As Visual Story TellingLondon Film School2009
Directing Actors / London Film School / 2009
Directing ActorsLondon Film School2009
Self Shooting / DV Talent / 2008
Self ShootingDV Talent2008
Trust in ITV / ITV / 2008
Trust in ITVITV2008
Location Lighting / BBC Academy / 2007
Location Lighting BBC Academy2007
Child Safety / BBC Academy / 2007
Child Safety BBC Academy2007
BBC Health & Safety / BBC / 2007
BBC Health & SafetyBBC2007
Risk Assessments / BBC Academy / 2007
Risk Assessments BBC Academy2007
Avid Editing / GMAC Film School / 2000
Avid EditingGMAC Film School2000
Self Shooting / GMAC Film School / 2000
Self ShootingGMAC Film School2000
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Other Details
  • Links:

  • Media I Work In:

    Broadcast Television


    Corporate Communications

    Mobile Content

    Short Film

    Web Creation

    Online Content


  • Locations I can work in:

    Work Anywhere

  • Language:

    English (Fluent)

    French (Conversational)

    Hebrew (Conversational)

  • Skills/Permits:

    Access Negotiation

    Driving Licence


    Commentary Writing

    CRB Check

    Heath And Safety Training

    I Visa USA

    PADI Diving Licence

    Work Permit EU

    Script Writing

  • Technical Skills:

    Canon 5D

    Canon 5D MKII

    Canon 7D

    Adobe Premier Elements

    Adobe Premiere

    Avid Media Composer

    Canon XF305




    Sony PMW-EX1


    Sony PMW-EX3

    EX3 Nanoflash


    Final Cut

    Final Cut Pro

    Final Cut Pro 7

    Final Cut Pro X

    Lighting Camera




    Adobe Photoshop

    Self Shooting

    Single Camera Directing

    Sony PMW-EX3

    Sony HVR-Z7

    Studio Experience

    After Effects

    Canon EOS C300




    Multiplatform Experience

    Sound Recording

    Canon 5D MKIII

    Canon 7D MKII

    Canon C300 Mark II

    Canon EOS C100

    Canon EOS C100 MKII

    Canon XF100

    Canon XF105

    Canon XF300



    Motion Capture

    Motion Graphics

    Multicamera Directing

    Sony a7S

    Sony a7S II

    Sony PXW-FS7

  • Awards:

    Directors UK - Inspire - 2022

    British Council YCE Awards Finalist

    FOCAL Award 2014

    BAFTA Connect
    Directors UK

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