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Jean-Claude Bragard

Series & Exec Producer


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About Me

I’m a versatile executive producer, series producer and producer/director of factual programmes. I’ve made shows for primetime BBC 1, BBC2, BBC 4, C4, ITV, Discovery, TLC, Travel Channel, Discovery Health, American Heroes Channel, ZDF, UKTV on crime, modern and ancient history, archaeology, documentary, factual drama, religion, arts, sc... Read More

I’m a versatile executive producer, series producer and producer/director of factual programmes. I’ve made shows for primetime BBC 1, BBC2, BBC 4, C4, ITV, Discovery, TLC, Travel Channel, Discovery Health, American Heroes Channel, ZDF, UKTV on crime, modern and ancient history, archaeology, documentary, factual drama, religion, arts, science, current affairs and travel.

I'm committed to making riveting stories on time and on budget. I’ve worked with high profile presenters, launched new talent, and managed both high end multimillion pound co-productions and low-cost high volume series. I’ve made tight schedules and budgets work, and brought the best out of large and mixed teams of P/Ds and APs. I've delivered shows that have rated highly and made a big impact on BBC1 (7.5m), BBC2 (2m), BBC4 (1m) and Discovery (14m). I’ve made more than 100 shows that have broken new ground, pioneered visual approaches and been acclaimed by critics and commissioners - eg ‘One of the best programmes of the year’ - Mark Bell, BBC Arts Commissioner. Read Less

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Job RoleProduction TitleChannelCompanyDateNetwork Executive
Show Runner / Ancient Assassins / Discovery / World Media Rights / Nov 2015 to Jul 2016
Show RunnerAncient AssassinsDiscoveryWorld Media Rights Nov 15 - Jul 16
Show Runner / Manhunt / Discovery / World Media Rights Ltd / Feb 2015 to Sep 2015
Show RunnerManhuntDiscoveryWorld Media Rights Ltd Feb 15 - Sep 15
Executive Producer / Secrets of the Bible / Discovery / World Media Rights Ltd / May 2014 to Dec 2014
Executive ProducerSecrets of the BibleDiscoveryWorld Media Rights Ltd May 14 - Dec 14
Producer/Director / Flash: Oscar's Need for Speed / Combined Artistic Productions / Dec 2013 to Feb 2014 / George Mazarakis
Producer/DirectorFlash: Oscar's Need for SpeedCombined Artistic Productions Dec 13 - Feb 14George Mazarakis
Executive Producer / How God Made the English / BBC 2 / BBC / Jan 2011 to Nov 2011 / Aaqil Ahmed
Executive ProducerHow God Made the EnglishBBC 2BBC Jan 11 - Nov 11Aaqil Ahmed
Executive Producer / A History of Christianity / BBC 4 / BBC / Oct 2007 to Nov 2009
Executive ProducerA History of ChristianityBBC 4BBC Oct 07 - Nov 09
Executive Producer / Welcome to Teheran / BBC 4 / BBC / Jan 2007 to Dec 2007
Executive ProducerWelcome to TeheranBBC 4BBC Jan 07 - Dec 07
Executive Producer / The Kindertransport Story / BBC 1 / BBC / Jan 2008 to Mar 2008 / Adam Kemp
Executive ProducerThe Kindertransport StoryBBC 1BBC Jan 08 - Mar 08Adam Kemp
Executive Producer / Around the world in 80 Faiths / BBC 2 / BBC / Nov 2007 to Jan 2009
Executive ProducerAround the world in 80 FaithsBBC 2BBC Nov 07 - Jan 09
Executive Producer / The Children of Helen House / BBC 2 / BBC / Jan 2008 to May 2008
Executive ProducerThe Children of Helen HouseBBC 2BBC Jan 08 - May 08
Executive Producer / Bible's Buried Secrets / BBC 2 / BBC / Apr 2010 to Mar 2011
Executive ProducerBible's Buried SecretsBBC 2BBC Apr 10 - Mar 11
Executive Producer / Gandhi: Life and legacy / BBC 2 / BBC / Jan 2009 to Aug 2009
Executive ProducerGandhi: Life and legacyBBC 2BBC Jan 09 - Aug 09
Executive Producer / How to Live a Simple Life / BBC 2 / BBC / Jan 2010 to Dec 2010
Executive ProducerHow to Live a Simple LifeBBC 2BBC Jan 10 - Dec 10
Series Producer/Director / Son of God / BBC 1 / BBC / Nov 1999 to Jan 2001 / Lorraine Heggessey
Series Producer/DirectorSon of GodBBC 1BBC Nov 99 - Jan 01Lorraine Heggess...
Executive Producer / The Baby Born in a Concentration Camp / BBC 1 / BBC / Jan 2011 to Mar 2011
Executive ProducerThe Baby Born in a Concentration CampBBC 1BBC Jan 11 - Mar 11
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Professional Training

Course / QualificationTraining Provider / InstitutionYear
Looking for Leaders in TV course / CC-TV Creative Skillset / 2013
Looking for Leaders in TV courseCC-TV Creative Skillset 2013
Robert McKee's Story Seminar / Robert McKee / 2002
Robert McKee's Story SeminarRobert McKee2002
BBC Documentary Script Writing / Frank Ash / 2002
BBC Documentary Script WritingFrank Ash2002

I have been an Executive Producer at Discovery Communications for more than 4 years. A great show runner, from my perspective, is someone who can listen well, understand the channel’s brand and vision and then execute a series that not only meets but exceeds that vision. Jean Claude Bragard has been the show runner on two of my series and both times he has proven himself to be one of the best in the business.

In 2015, Jean Claude was the show runner on a 10 x 60 min American Heroes Channel series called Manhunt about the world’s most infamous criminals. We had very little time and a very tight budget, yet he managed to craft a high-rating, dynamic series in a matter of weeks. He is a brilliant storyteller, full of enthusiasm and intelligence, able to work through and resolve narrative problems quickly and effectively. From finding and developing compelling stories to steering and inspiring his producer-directors as they brought those stories to the screen to thoroughly addressing my post production notes, Jean Claude was an indefatigable creative partner.

It was such a pleasure working with him on Manhunt that I requested him for my next AHC series produced this summer (2016): the ambitious second season of Ancient Assassins. With stories ranging from Ancient Greece to Viking Britain to Renaissance Italy, it required a true mastery of logistical planning and management as well as broad creative and intellectual vision. Jean Claude strongly delivered on both counts. I was extremely happy with the series (it airs in the US starting Oct 8) and certainly hope to work with him again on future Discovery network series.

Liz Massie

Jean-Claude is an absolutely top class executive producer/series producer. He is a tremendous team leader, he knows what a story is, what can go wrong in productions and how to put them right. He has mastered a wide range of subjects and genres, from highly constructed, dramatised films to observational, presenter-led and archive-based history shows. He has tackled subjects as varied as Colombian drug barons, World War 2, ancient civilisations and religion. JC is terrific at managing a budget, knowing how to make cuts to a proposed filming and post-production schedule when necessary while at the same time ensuring that the money goes to where it is most needed. He is calm under fire and can handle the most awkward channel executives and team members with tact and resilience. He is always open to suggestion but knows when to stand his ground and how to push back without causing offence. He has strong creative ideas to which teams invariably respond. Critically, when there is a major difficulty, he is very happy to roll up his sleeves and get stuck to sort it out. Finally, he is also a pleasure to work with, and a good and supportive colleague.

Matthew Barrett

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  • Media I Work In:

    Broadcast Television

    Corporate Communications

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    North America

    South America

  • Language:

    English (Fluent)

    French (Fluent)

    Spanish (Fluent)

  • Skills/Permits:

    Access Negotiation

    Commentary Writing

    Safeguarding Trust

    Driving Licence

    Script Writing


  • Technical Skills:

    Final Cut Pro X


    Single Camera Directing

  • Awards:

    The Kindertransport Story RTS NW Best Single Doc, A History of Christianity Sandford St Martin Religion Awards, Florence Nightingale Best Historical Short New York Festival, Around the World in 80 Faiths Radio Times Programme of the Year, Extreme Pilgrim

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