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Sharron Ward



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About Me

I’m an Emmy & RTS award-winning self-shooting Producer/Director and documentary filmmaker. My work has also been nominated for a Grierson, 2 Amnesty Media Awards, a Sandford St Martin Award & has won a One World Media Award. I work on a mix of investigative current affairs and observational documentaries. My latest credits include Sh... Read More

I’m an Emmy & RTS award-winning self-shooting Producer/Director and documentary filmmaker. My work has also been nominated for a Grierson, 2 Amnesty Media Awards, a Sandford St Martin Award & has won a One World Media Award. I work on a mix of investigative current affairs and observational documentaries. My latest credits include Shooting PD on The Selfless Sikh BBC One; Producer on Grenfell: The First 24 Hours ITV; Shooting PD on the BBC One feature-length landmark documentary Grenfell; Edit Producer on Stacey Dooley: Face to Face with ISIS BBC Three; and as the investigative journalist and AP on two films for BBC Three profiling the Grindr Killer – unpicking the Stephen Port gay serial killer case.

My films are known for their distinctive cinematic flair and I’m noted for my ability to build trust and rapport with challenging and sensitive contributors who allow me to tell their stories. I’m adept at embedding myself within a community and within institutions, which often allows me to negotiate exclusive access. I thrive on finding & filming compelling characters that sheds light on important social issues in modern society such as criminal justice, knife crime, mental health, human rights abuses, drug addiction, homelessness etc. I have a strong feel for constructing narrative & filming compelling sequences that help reveal the inner workings of people and places. My curiosity of what makes people tick, what drives and motivates them underpins my work.

My particular areas of specialty involve Women’s rights, GBV, sexual exploitation, trafficking, modern day slavery, extremism (in all its forms including Islamism and the far-right), the Syrian refugee crisis & migration. Keeping a close eye on current developments involving crime, extremism, Brexit, Trump, identity politics & populism means I’m usually one step ahead.

I have a strong track record filming in hostile & challenging locations (I'm HEFAT trained) – particularly in the Middle East in Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel-Palestine, as well as filming around the globe. My academic background in feminism, philosophy, religion and my experience of geo-politics gives me an informed understanding of current events that are shaping our modern world.

I’m particularly fascinated by criminal investigations and my solid experience in journalism, enables me to make startling investigative films often working undercover to reveal and expose wrongdoing in the public interest, holding power to account. I enjoy the challenge of dramatically re-telling and re-constructing historical events, piecing together timelines & evidence, and working on bold polemics.

I come with 25 years’ experience in the industry & I have a track record of taking a film from concept (I often have my own ideas commissioned), through to delivery. I have a strong understanding of legal, security and editorial protocols, as well as compliance & safeguarding, and have experience liaising with law enforcement officials & large scale institutions (e.g. The Met). I pride myself on my editorial judgement and integrity. I have a great contacts book of a wide range of experts and contributors from all walks of life. I’m equally at home working with Talent such as reporters and presenters or working intimately one on one with the people I film.

I self shoot on a number of cameras including C300, Fs7 and Fs5, a7SII, 5D Mark II & C100 which I own. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for a chat. Read Less

Credits last updated / confirmed indexing on 13th Sep 2018


Job RoleProduction TitleChannelCompanyDateNetwork Executive
Producer / Grenfell: The First 24 Hours / ITV1 / Mentorn Media / Mar 2018 to Apr 2018 / James Cohen, Jo Clinton-Davis
ProducerGrenfell: The First 24 HoursITV1Mentorn Media Mar 18 - Apr 18James Cohen, Jo ...
Edit Director / Stacey Dooley: Face to Face with ISIS / BBC 3 / Insight TWI: The World Investigates / Dec 2017 to Dec 2017 / Gian Quaglieni
Edit DirectorStacey Dooley: Face to Face with ISISBBC 3Insight TWI: The World Investigates Dec 17 - Dec 17Gian Quaglieni
PD (Self Shooting) / Selfless Sikh: Faith on the Frontline / BBC 1 / BBC Studios / Sep 2016 to Sep 2016 / Aaqil Ahmed
PD (Self Shooting)Selfless Sikh: Faith on the FrontlineBBC 1BBC Studios Sep 16 - Sep 16Aaqil Ahmed
AP (self Shooting) / How the Police missed the Grindr Killer / BBC 3 / BBC TV Current Affairs / Nov 2016 to Jan 2017 / Damian Kavanagh
AP (self Shooting)How the Police missed the Grindr KillerBBC 3BBC TV Current Affairs Nov 16 - Jan 17Damian Kavanagh
PD (Self Shooting) / Grenfell / BBC 1 / Minnow Films / Jun 2017 to Sep 2017 / Clare Sillery
PD (Self Shooting)GrenfellBBC 1Minnow Films Jun 17 - Sep 17Clare Sillery
AP (self Shooting) / Grindr Killer: How I Discovered a Serial Murderer / BBC 3 / BBC TV Current Affairs / Jul 2016 to Nov 2016 / Damian Kavanagh
AP (self Shooting)Grindr Killer: How I Discovered a Serial MurdererBBC 3BBC TV Current Affairs Jul 16 - Nov 16Damian Kavanagh
Development Producer / Grindr Killer / BBC 3 / BBC TV Current Affairs / Jul 2016 to Jul 2016 / Damian Kavanagh
Development ProducerGrindr KillerBBC 3BBC TV Current Affairs Jul 16 - Jul 16Damian Kavanagh
PD (Self Shooting) / Victoria Derbyshire Show / BBC 2 / BBC Current Affairs / Jul 2016 to Aug 2016 / Louisa Compton
PD (Self Shooting)Victoria Derbyshire ShowBBC 2BBC Current Affairs Jul 16 - Aug 16Louisa Compton
PD (Self Shooting) / Lesbos SOS: Europe Refugee Crisis / Channel 4 / ITN / Aug 2015 to Sep 2015 / James Brabazon
PD (Self Shooting)Lesbos SOS: Europe Refugee CrisisChannel 4ITN Aug 15 - Sep 15James Brabazon
PD (Self Shooting) / Syria: Hidden War on Women / Channel 4 / ITN / Aug 2015 to Sep 2015 / James Brabazon
PD (Self Shooting)Syria: Hidden War on WomenChannel 4ITN Aug 15 - Sep 15James Brabazon
Producer / Channel 4 News: Exclusive - Asbestos found in the Calais Jungle migrant camp / Channel 4 / ITN / Nov 2015 to Nov 2015 / Job Rabkin
ProducerChannel 4 News: Exclusive - Asbestos found in the Calais Jungle migrant campChannel 4ITN Nov 15 - Nov 15Job Rabkin
PD (Self Shooting) / Israel vs Israel / Al Jazeera English / Al Jazeera America/AJ+ / Aug 2014 to Jan 2015 / Aloke Devichand
PD (Self Shooting)Israel vs IsraelAl Jazeera EnglishAl Jazeera America/AJ+ Aug 14 - Jan 15Aloke Devichand
Development Producer / Dispatches: Tower Hamlets / Channel 4 / Blakeway TV / Nov 2013 to Dec 2013 / Siobhan Sinnerton
Development ProducerDispatches: Tower HamletsChannel 4Blakeway TV Nov 13 - Dec 13Siobhan Sinnerto...
PD (Self Shooting) / Syria: Brides for Sale / Channel 4 / ITN / Mar 2013 to Mar 2013 / Job Rabkin
PD (Self Shooting)Syria: Brides for SaleChannel 4ITN Mar 13 - Mar 13Job Rabkin
Producer/Director / Libya: Women's Rights Activist Attacked / BBC 2 / BBC Newsnight / Nov 2012 to Dec 2012 / Karen O'Connor
Producer/DirectorLibya: Women's Rights Activist AttackedBBC 2BBC Newsnight Nov 12 - Dec 12Karen O'Connor
Producer / Addicted in Afghanistan / BBC Arabic / Katalyst Productions Ltd / Aug 2008 to Nov 2009 / IDFA
ProducerAddicted in AfghanistanBBC ArabicKatalyst Productions Ltd Aug 08 - Nov 09IDFA
DV Director / Heroin: Facing the Dragon / Current TV / Curve Films / Aug 2004 to Sep 2004 / Lina Prestwood
DV DirectorHeroin: Facing the DragonCurrent TVCurve Films Aug 04 - Sep 04Lina Prestwood
Director / BBC Learning Zone / BBC 2 / BBC / Oct 2001 to Dec 2001 / Jenny Lo
DirectorBBC Learning ZoneBBC 2BBC Oct 01 - Dec 01Jenny Lo
PD (Self Shooting) / Exclusive: Sanya-Jeet Thandi quits UKIP / Channel 4 / Channel 4 News / Jun 2014 to Jun 2014 / Louise Turner
PD (Self Shooting)Exclusive: Sanya-Jeet Thandi quits UKIPChannel 4Channel 4 News Jun 14 - Jun 14Louise Turner
PD (Self Shooting) / Scottish Indy Referendum: Youth / Channel 4 / Mandrake Films / Jul 2014 to Jul 2014 / Louise Turner
PD (Self Shooting)Scottish Indy Referendum: YouthChannel 4Mandrake Films Jul 14 - Jul 14Louise Turner
PD (Self Shooting) / Tripoli Underground / Online / Katalyst Productions Ltd / Nov 2011 to Feb 2012 / Mustafa Khalili
PD (Self Shooting)Tripoli UndergroundOnlineKatalyst Productions Ltd Nov 11 - Feb 12Mustafa Khalili
PD (Self Shooting) / Lifting the Lid / Online / Mandrake Films / Feb 2014 to Feb 2014 / The Open University
PD (Self Shooting)Lifting the LidOnlineMandrake Films Feb 14 - Feb 14The Open Univers...
Producer/Director / KIM - Untold Stories / Community Channel / BBC Media Trust / Feb 2012 to Feb 2012 / Sylvia Wroblewska
Producer/DirectorKIM - Untold StoriesCommunity ChannelBBC Media Trust Feb 12 - Feb 12Sylvia Wroblewsk...
PD (Self Shooting) / UKIP Youth - Channel 4 News / Channel 4 / Mandrake Films / Sep 2014 to Sep 2014 / Louise Turner
PD (Self Shooting)UKIP Youth - Channel 4 NewsChannel 4Mandrake Films Sep 14 - Sep 14Louise Turner
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Professional Training

Course / QualificationTraining Provider / InstitutionYear
HEFAT Refresher Course / 1st Option Safety Group (BBC) / 2016
HEFAT Refresher Course1st Option Safety Group (BBC)2016
Level 4 BTECH Surviving Hostile Regions / AKE Group / 2011
Level 4 BTECH Surviving Hostile RegionsAKE Group2011

Sharron came to Newsnight with a really strong pitch which she researched, negotiated access with the contributor and worked through from inception, to filming, through to the edit. She brings a great deal of knowledge and insight on geo-politics within the Middle East and a cultural understanding and empathy of the issues, and is fun and easy to work with. She thinks hard about the films she makes and the journalistic balance and integrity that is required on a rigorous flagship programme such as Newsnight. The film she worked on with us was also nominated for a refugee award and had a strong impact long after it transmitted.

Sara Afshar (BBC Newsnight, 1999 - 2013)

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Other Details
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  • Media I Work In:

    Broadcast Television


    Corporate Communications

    Feature Film

    Mobile Content

    Short Film

    Web Creation

    Online Content

  • Locations I can work in:




    East Anglia



    North America

    North East

    North West


  • Language:

    English (Fluent)

  • Skills/Permits:

    Access Negotiation

    Commentary Writing

    Heath And Safety Training

    Hostile Environment

    Safeguarding Trust

    Work Permit EU

    Work Permit New Zealand

    Driving Licence


    CRB Check

    Work Permit Australia

  • Technical Skills:

    Canon 5D MKII

    Canon EOS C300

    Data Wrangling

    Digitising Rushes


    Final Cut Pro


    Sony DSR-PD150

    Sony DSR-PD170

    Self Shooting

    Single Camera Directing

    Sony HVR-Z1

    Sony HVR-Z1


    Sony PXW-FS7

    Canon XF305

    Sony a7S

  • Awards:

    Awarded International Emmy for News 2014 - for "Syria's Descent," series featuring "Syria: Brides for Sale," Channel 4 News/ITN.

    RTS Award for "Best Single Documentary" for The Selfless Sikh, 2017.

    Nominated for "Best TV Programme" for The Selfless Sikh, Asian Media Awards, 2017.

    Nominated for "Best Documentary" Sandford St Martin Award, The Selfless Sikh, 2017

    Longlisted for One World Media Award for "Syria: Brides for Sale" 2014.

    Longlisted for an Amnesty International Media Award, 2016 for Syria: Hidden War on Women & Lesbos SOS.

    Awarded 1997 New Zealand AIDS Foundation Media Award for PSA on "Children living in a world with AIDS."

    Nominated for "The Speaking Together Media Award" for BBC Newsnight film on Libyan asylum seeker, 2014.

    Awarded Best European Documentary Feature Award, for "Addicted in Afghanistan" at the ECU, European Independent Film Festival Paris, 2010.

    Aloha Accolade Award for Excellence in Filmmaking for "Addicted in Afghanistan" from the Honolulu International Film Festival, 2010.

    Golden Ace Award for Excellence in Filmmaking, for "Addicted in Afghanistan" at the Las Vegas International Film Festival 2010.

    Nominated Best Documentary Film, for "Addicted in Afghanistan" Milan International Film Festival 2010

    Golden Palm Award, for "Addicted in Afghanistan" Mexico International Film Festival 2010

    Nominated for Grierson Best Newcomer Award 2010 for "Addicted in Afghanistan."

    Best Director of Documentary Award, "Addicted in Afghanistan" Asia First Fim Festival, 2009.

    Nominated for a Promax UK 2002 Award for Best Sales Tape.

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