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Freelancer Loyalty scheme

How can I earn loyalty points?  
You can earn loyalty points if we publish a job you've told us about which you think may be useful for another member of the community. (The proviso is the job is not already listed on the TM job board, it meets minimum wage requirements and it is authorised by us.)  

How are loyalty points calculated?  
As a logged-in freelancer we track when you post jobs of this nature and automatically allocate points to your account.  

How can loyalty points be redeemed?  
Loyalty points can be redeemed against  TM Annual Pro Memberships, Kit Hire from The Kit Room and Training Courses from Develop Talent. Each point is worth a pound and when you've accumulated 25 points a redeemable voucher for £25 will be automatically emailed to you. Up to three vouchers (one per section) can be used per year.

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