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Supporting Neurodivergency in the workplace with Nick Ransom

Half day, in person interactive course - All company members 


The course is aimed at anyone interested in learning more about neurodiversity and neurodivergent people in the TV and film industry, and what the different strengths and challenges are. 


This course will explore the power of neurodiversity, hiring, practical adjustments you can put in place to support the neurodivergent members as well as the legal obligations that govern best practice for companies in this area.  


Nick will advise on policy and inspire new ideas to make sure everyone is supported and able to thrive in the workplace. 

Course Content

You’ll come away with:

Knowledge about neurodivergency and what strengths it can bring to the TV and Film industry
Advice on simple and practical adjustments to support your team
Guidance on policies around neurodivergency in the workplace
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