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What is Good Work and how is it connected to EDI? Is your company inclusive? How do you know? 

Based on Dr Rowan Aust’s academic work on ethics of care in TV and film, we consult and train on all aspects of inclusion.

Course Content

This offer comes in three parts:

Part 1: Training: what is Good Work and why it is important, what it looks like and how it can benefit your company. (2hrs, in person or online training session, available to all)

You will come away with:

An understanding of what Good Work and EDI is, and its importance to your company

Part 2: Consultancy: what are the changes YOUR company needs to make in order to integrate Good Work in a meaningful manner, and how these changes can be implemented. This is based on a research design bespoke to your company - there will be a period of consultation addressing issues with inclusivity your company has, followed by training designed to address this.

You will come away with:

An overview focused on the specific issue you want resolved
Analysis of your company looking at where inclusion can be improved
A written report on pathways to inclusion through adaptation of your pre-existing workplace culture

Part 3: Support

Through our network of providers, we can support you in your continued work to make your company inclusive and continue to operate on the principles of Good Work.

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