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Do you understand the benefits of a good personal brand?
Do you have a brand story to tell?

This introductory course will explain that how we are perceived in this world, is by everything we say and everything we do, from that all-important very short first impression to our personal lives that we share on social media. Our values, behaviours and ethics are what our customers will see and use to decide if they trust us and want to do business with us. During this course, we will talk about how to ensure that you consider all the aspects of branding yourself, how best to do it and some pitfalls you need to avoid.

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to walk the walk and talk the talk, to look at your own values and behaviours and understand whether they align with your personal brand and use some of the tools gained to add to the success of your business.

Course Content

Module 01
Course Platform Walkthrough – OPTIONAL
Prologue – Personal Branding – FREE PREVIEW
Introduction to Personal Branding

Module 02
Connect with your Brand Story
Identify Target Audience and Establish Communication
Defining and Creating Elevator Pitch
Establish Values and Behaviours
Reinforce Professional Behaviours
Digital Marketing

Module 03
Final Assessment – Quiz
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