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The Succeeding as a 2nd AD programme has been recommissioned by ScreenSkills. 

Are you an experienced 3rd AD in HETV or film? Are you ready to take the step up to 2nd? 

If so, this course is for you. 

A 2nd AD is the vital cog in any film or HETV production. The guardian of the talent, conduit between departments, the master or mistress of the next day’s schedule. A good 2nd is all-knowing, ever-present, super-efficient and has a zen-like calm.  

This new training programme is aims to nurture the next generation of 2nds.

This programme is funded by the ScreenSkills High-end Television and Film Skills Funds made up of contributions from high-end TV productions and films made in the UK.

Over three days – 2 face-to-face, and one online – delegates will be trained in the essential technical, administrative, problem-solving and soft skills needed to work as an effective and confident 2nd. Taught by acclaimed 2nds and 1sts – whose credits include a raft of award-winning studio features and TV dramas – participants will learn how to breakdown a script, build a workflow, manage their time and essential relations, communicate effectively, as well as understanding the different responsibilities and reporting requirements of working on US or European productions.

Thanks to ScreenSkills funding, the course is completely free.

Course Content

As well as learning the technical skills of the job (from script breakdowns to reporting requirements of different studio jurisdictions), and methodologies so you can work effectively, there will be a strong emphasis on the soft skills – time management, prioritisation, communication – and managing your own well-being in what is a highly stressful role.

Participants will also learn how the role of a 2nd can vary according to the type of production and budget and be adaptable to work across them all. Key elements of the course include: 

  •          Role of the key 2nd
  •          Breaking down a Script
  •          Pre & Production Cast Calendars
  •          Differences in working as a 2nd on Film vs single and multi-episodic TV drama
  •          Working with cast including communication protocols & DOODS
  •          Fittings, Rehearsal & Schedules – Coordinating with the HoDs
  •          Cast Readthru Days, Production Meetings
  •          Working with Minors, Extras & Stand-ins
  •          Cast Camera Tests, Facilities Breakdowns & Tech Recces
  •          Call Sheets – building, reading & understanding them
  •          Working effectively with your 1st AD
  •          Shoot Days – the role of the 2nd including timesheet logs
  •          Being a Crowd 2nd - including casting, budgeting, planning 
  •          Problem solving
  •          Managing your workflow
  •          Planning your career as a 2nd

Who is delivering the course

The training is being delivered by DV Talent, the school for film and TV professionals, supported by 
Our tutors are all acclaimed, current 2nd ADs and 1st ADs with credits such as Inglorious Basterds, The Queen’s Gambit, Les Miserable, Attack the Block, Suffragette, The Monument Men, Grantchester, You Don’t Know Me, No Time to Die, Star Wars, Inventing Anna, 1000 Blows, The Kitchen, Ralph & Katie, You Don't Know Me and much more.

It has been commissioned and funded by ScreenSkills, the industry-led skills body for the UK’s screen industries.

Eligibility and to apply

You need to have an established track-record as an AD - 3rd or 2nd - in HETV or film. 

  • Sat 25th & Sun 26th November - in person - 10am-5pm 
  • Weds 29th November & Weds 6th December - online/ zoom - 6.30-9pm 
Apply by Friday 10th November  

  • Sat 17th & Sun 18th February - in person - 10am-5pm 
  • Weds 21st & Weds 28th February - online/ zoom - 6.30-9pm 
Apply by Friday 2nd February  

  • Sat 20th & Sun 21st April - in person - 10am-5pm 
  • Weds 24th April & Weds 1st May - online/ zoom - 6.30-9pm 

  • 29th & 30th June - in person- 10am- 5pm
  • Weds 3rd July & Weds 10th July- online/zoom
Apply by 15th June

More dates in London coming soon. 

This course is for professionals with an AD background of at least 2-3 years and are ready to Step Up into the role of 2nd AD in film or scripted TV.

We are particularly keen to recruit delegates from the nations and regions, and underrepresented groups, including lower socio-economic backgrounds to help the industry become more representative of the audiences it serves. 

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